Original John Deere Filter

It’s a perfect fit

Since we built your machine, we also have some definite ideas about what the perfect filters for it need to do. That’s why we engineer and test our own original filters. What does that mean for you? By using original John Deere filters, you will do your part to ensure that you get the installed capacity and performance from the John Deere machinery you bought. Our oil, air, and fuel filters prevent harmful particles from entering the engine while optimising fuel consumption with a perfect fit for your machine and its requirements.


John Deere hydraulic filters

Use our original filters to get the capacity that guarantees more performance and better component protection for your hydraulic systems – keeping contaminants out and preventing sludge and acid from damaging your equipment.

Other filters may have only two hot glue melts. John Deere hydraulic filters feature five hot glue melts to ensure even filter media spacing for higher capacity.

John Deere cab air filters

John Deere cab air filters

Keep contaminants out of the cab and away from you. Breathe easy again while mowing, baling, or threshing.

John Deere cab air filters offer many options to choose from like our Carbon Filter Plus. Three layers of protection eliminate more than 95% of pollutants and allergens. A high-performance particle filter layer blocks nearly 100%  of dust, dirt and pollen and protects against unhealthy PM2.5 pollutants. An activated carbon layer removes odours, neutralises harmful gases, and reduces the growth of bacteria and mould. Finally the bio-functional layer traps allergens.

oil filters

John Deere oil filters

Dirty oil makes your engine work harder, uses more fuel and shortens service intervals. Protect your engine to keep it working more efficiently for longer.

Our oil filters have the gap-free, even media spacing that will trap particles as small as one-fifth of the width of a human hair. The spiral and crimped centre tube adds strength to prevent the filter media from collapsing, and rubber gaskets create a tighter seal than the plastic gaskets found on inferior filters.

air filters

John Deere engine air filters

Our engine air filters effectively reduce engine wear by removing dust, dirt, and other pollutants from the intake air.

John Deere air filters’ even pleats and superior filtration media ensure extra efficiency and longer service intervals. Their airflow provides minimum flow restriction while capturing more contaminants than leading competitive air
filters, ensuring the correct air/fuel mix that unleashes the full power you demand.

John Deere fuel filters

John Deere fuel filters

Water can cause severe damage to your fuel system.

Our fuel filters will not only trap water, but we also designed them to repel it. Their tight pleats and evenly spaced media catch water and dust particles before they enter the fuel system. At the same time, coated filter media actively repels water and prevents it from soaking through into the fuel. The easy-drain valves make maintenance a cinch.

Did you know?
"Dirty filters can increase fuel consumption by more than 5%".

John Deere Company
It’s in the mix!

It’s in the mix!

Get all-around protection for your equipment with John Deere original filters and our comprehensive support. It’s how you get the maximum lifetime out of your investment, with the lowest possible cost of ownership and ultimate protection against unwanted downtime.


The breathe-easy air filter

Eliminate more than 95% of the pollutants and allergens that make your workday unpleasant when you’re mowing, threshing, or baling.

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