John Deere Batteries

Batteries – the power to perform

Whether you choose from our line of standard-duty Performance batteries or our heavy-duty StrongBox line, we have the battery for every need. And, although our batteries are branded John Deere, they fit most any brand of vehicle or equipment.

Your John Deere dealership has a complete range of top quality powerpacks, fully charged and raring to go. Why settle for less?

Built to last

Like everything else in a John Deere, your battery was built to give years of reliable service. So when the time finally comes to replace it, don’t take chances. Choose the original and best – and enjoy the same proven performance you’ve always had.

Our battery promise:

  • Superior starting performance even under extreme operating conditions
  • Extreme vibration proof: longer life than competition in SAE J930 vibration test by independent laboratory.
  • High charge and discharge durability, even when the engine is switched off
  • Improved energy delivery

Rely on quality John Deere batteries for:

  • Farm and ranch
  • Heavy-duty commercial and industrial
  • Boats, ATVs, motorcycles, and golf carts
  • Light-duty service trucks, pickups, vans, and automobiles
John Deere Strongbox Batteries

John Deere StrongBox batteries

John Deere StrongBox batteries come in two main different grades to suit your voltage system and operating requirements. All grades come with superior cycling capability and reserve capacity built in as standard. All John Deere Strong Box batteries are built to demanding John Deere specifications using the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology. As a result no other brand in the marketplace can compare with the high-quality construction and computer-designed internal and external components.

Strongbox Batteries

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StrongBox Batteries

John Deere StrongBox batteries are the backbone of our battery line — built to demanding John Deere specifications using the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology.

Quality design features:

  1. Dry charged at the factory for initial storing.
  2. Through-the-wall, welded intercell connectors are 12-percent larger than other brands of batteries to withstand severe vibration, ensure quick starts, and provide dependable power in extreme cold.
  3. Super radial-grid design with inboard lug permits electrical current to flow more efficiently, providing higher cranking amps, faster charge, and corrosion resistance.
  4. Extra-heavy plates ensure more reserve power on extremely cold days.
  5. Microporous plastic envelope separators eliminate electrical shorts by keeping positive materials from touching the negative plate. Plus, they prevent corrosion and misalignment of separators that can cause shorts.
  6. Epoxy-anchored plates make StrongBox batteries stronger than batteries with hot-melt-anchored plates. Vibration is also reduced, which is the leading cause of failure in commercial batteries.


All makes of heavy- and light-duty equipment used on farms, ranches, and construction sites; and in general utility and lawn and garden equipment, electric vehicles, sport utility vehicles, and ATVs.

StrongBox ST

StrongBox ST Batteries
In addition to the same superior features as regular John Deere StrongBox batteries, StrongBox ST batteries feature a silver tech alloy grid – designed to extend the life of the battery in high-heat operating environments.

Quality design features:

  • Silver tech alloy construction resists corrosion and provides longer service life in high-heat conditions.
  • Efficient radial pattern provides faster high-voltage starts.
  • Full-perimeter frame rails increase durability and provide longer service life.
  • Positive cast-grid design with increased internal grid wire diameter improves corrosion resistance and increases durability.
  • Small grid windows improve active material retention.
  • Large lug width and height increase durability and provide longer service life.
  • Maintenance free — no need to add water during normal service life.

All makes of heavy- and light-duty equipment used on farms, ranches, and construction sites; and in general utility and lawn and garden equipment, electric vehicles, automotive vehicles, sport utility vehicles, boats, motorcycles, and ATVs


StrongBox Wet

StrongBox Wet Batteries
John Deere StrongBox Wet batteries, like any StrongBox batteries, meet all John Deere Quality Standards. They are designed to meet John Deere equipment requirements.

Quality design features:

  • Fully activated, ready-to-sell
  • Better cycle stability
  • Very low water consumption
  • Very low self-discharge
  • Alloy: PbCaSn (lead/calcium/tin

All makes of heavy- and light-duty equipment used on farms, ranches, and construction sites; and in general utility and lawn and garden equipment, electric vehicles, sport utility vehicles, and ATVs. StrongBox Wett batteries feature a grid technology that shows clear improvement in battery lifespan, safety and starting power

Technology benefits:

  • Optimized vibration proof
  • Improved energy delivery

1 – The technology itself
The stable and complete grid framework itself minimizes grid growth and prevents
short circuits.

Benefit: A clear increase in service life.

2 – The grid design
Built for maximum flow of current, the grid design enables faster recharge acceptance and optimal conductivity. The design ensures there is more lead where electrical current is greatest.

Benefit: Consistently higher starting power

3 – The grid structure
Production of the grid using a continuous, high precision punching process ensures robust structure and excellent adhesion of active mass paste.

Benefit: High quality, stable grid structure, consistently higher starting power and minimal corrosion

StrongBox MowPro

StrongBox MowPro Batteries
For all makes of lawn and garden equipment.

StrongBox MowPro is another winner in our line of premium heavy-duty batteries. It is specifically designed to deliver reliable starting performance in lawn and garden equipment.

It provides the same rugged features and value-added benefits of a regular StrongBox battery — anchored plates, 25 percent larger intercell connectors, super radial grids, extra-heavy plates, and more.

John Deere Performance Battery

Performance Batteries

John Deere Performance BatteryAn economical alternative to the premium line of StrongBox batteries. Built to meet or exceed industry specifications; ideal for applications that do not require the exclusive technology and original-equipment design of a StrongBox battery.

Quality Design Features:

  • Container and lid in high resistance Polypropylene.
  • Reinforced connections protects against vibration.
  • Envelope separators eliminate electrical shorts and prevent corrosion.
  • Reliable Performance
  • High starting power in all seasons
  • Optimal energy storage & long endurance


Agricultural, commercial, automotive, light truck, sport utility, lawn and garden, utility vehicle, golf cart, electric vehicle, and marine.

Battery Accessories

The wide selection of John Deere battery accessories includes:

  • crocodile clips
  • connectors
  • battery terminals
  • eyelets
  • earth straps
  • Battery isolator switches:
    ideal for immobilizing expensive equipment simply and cost effectively

…everything you need.

Battery booster cable:

from 400A to heavy duty 600A selection

Battery maintenance charge

Battery maintenance charger:

A selection of fully automatic maintenance chargers to maintain and extend your battery’s life, including:

- Maintenance chargers from 0.8 A to 90 A variable rate models

- Battery condition indicator

Battery condition indicator

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