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The NEW John Deere Turf XC Nozzle – A Breakthrough For Even Applications

John Deere XC Turf Nozzles are specifically designed for the particular challenges of spraying golf courses and amenity turf – achieving improved coverage and better application efficacy.

Golf And Sports, Sprayers, Attachments, Nozzle, Turf XC Nozzle

John Deere Turf XC Nozzle Range

We offer a range of three different nozzle sizes 025, 04 and 08. To reflect different water volumes from 200 to 1.000 liters per hectar as well as different spraying speeds from 3 to up to 7 km/hr.
The 025 and 04 are recommended to be used for Foliar fungicides; herbicide and growth regulator whereas the 08 nozzle is recommended to be used for Fungicides targeted at soil application and wetting agents.

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Reduce Drift

Significantly reduce the risk of drift and improve spray retention on the leaf with the air induction technology of John Deere XC Nozzles. You’ll make the most of each application because while maintaining more consistent drop size, our nozzles produce more droplets per ml that other drift reducing nozzles.


Compared to conventional nozzles which emit up to 14% “drifty” droplets, ours produce less that 3% drift susceptible fine droplets.That means that in the end, more product hits its target and less of it will run off.

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Brand-New Design Features

Our brand-new nozzle design features a unique orifice shape that delivers unmatched uniform coverage regardless of the nozzle spraying height. Spraying over undulating ground has never been this even.


Get optimal droplet distribution and size all across the boom in every terrain. Patternation tests show that the spray distribution of conventional nozzles on a boom can deviate by up to 25% at 30 centimetres. XC Nozzles on the other hand keep it below a highly uniform 3%.

Golf And Sports, Sprayers, Attachments, Nozzle, Spray Pattern, Field, Golf Course

Spray Pattern

Sometimes a seemingly small adjustment makes a big difference: To compensate for the forward motion of the sprayer, we designed our nozzles with a carefully calculated rearward facing spray pattern. The results prove the design right: The spray from our nozzle engulfs the whole leaf and dramatically improves spray retention on each leaf.


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