Fine Turf Tools

Golf Tool Set

A. Full Set

A range of specialist tools are available from John Deere to aid management of fine turf. These tools can be ordered in a convenient storage box as a full set.

Golf tool set, 8 pcs.

These are the tools that are included in the Golf tool set, all of them can also be ordered separately using the part numbers shown:

  • Measuring tool, 2 pcs: Prism guage accurately measures grass heights on greens. Separate tool to measure HOC on fairways, roughs or semi-roughs.
  • Groomer Gage (Metric): Solid and precise instrument for accurately setting the desired grooming depth of groomer or verticutting units.
  • Accu-Gage (Metric): Solid and precision measuring instrument for making highly accurate height-of-cut adjustments on greens mowers.
  • Roller Check: Rear Roller-Check parallel checking tool for greens mowers or other mowers.
  • Green speed meter: Measure green speed using the standardized ball roll measurement method (USGA specification)
  • Sample Pro: The Sample Pro removes a cross section of soil 6” deep, 2 ½ “ thick for your inspection.
  • Case (empty): Just the case without tools.
Accu-Gage Analogue

B. Accu-Gage

Accu-Gage Analogue

Accu-Gage is a precision measuring instrument for making highly accurate height-of-cut adjustments on greens mowers or other precision mowers. By incorporating a dial or digital indicator with the unique adjusting bar, highly accurate measurements can be made at the cutting edge of the bedknife (to 0.01 mm), virtually eliminating operator error in both setting of the adjustment bar and the mower.

The analogue Accu-Gage can be zeroed by rotating the dial – full instructions how to do this are provided.

Accu-Gage Digital

Accu-Gage Digital

The Accu-Gage Digital can be switched between imperial and metric units using a button on the front of the gauge. There is also a button to zero the gauge and one for on/off. As illustrated in the picture to the left, a magnet holds the tool to the bedknife, making it even more convenient to make adjustments. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to rely on the magnet like this – much better to have the unit upside down on a bench! Battery life for the guage is around 12 months, depending on the amount of use. A spare battery (type CR2032) is included.

The Accu-Gage is packed in a solid, lockable carrying case.

Accu-Gage-How it works

How It Works

After setting the base bar across the rollers of your mower, simply depress the indicator rod on the gauge and hook the button on the bedknife. The exact height of cut can then be measured on the display.measured on the display.

Features of the Accu-Gage

  • Adjustments can be made with the gauge on the mower. Simply read the gauge while turning the adjusting knob.
  • Measurements are made at the front edge of the bedknife regardless of bedknife wear.
  • Eliminates the inaccurate "feel" method of old type-adjusting bars.
  • Front and rear roller defects can be measured as well as bedknife defects.
  • Fits all makes of greens mowers, both ride ons & walkbehinds.
  • Works on both grooved and solid rollers.
  • Read-out accurate to 0.01 mm.

C. Groomer-Gage

Groomer-Gage is a precision measuring instrument for accurately setting the desired grooming depth of the groomer.

In addition, the Groomer-Gage will protect the driveline of your groomers from overload caused by setting the groomers too deep. Groomer discs are not manufactured to the same high tolerance as the cutting cylinder and significant high spots can exist on the bank of discs. This high spot then translates to the deepest grooming depth. If this is not allowed for when setting up the groomers the driveline will be overloaded when in work – this will significantly reduce the service life of the driveline. The Groomer-Gage is packed in a solid, lockable carrying case.

How It works

  • The depth of grooming is set by putting the Groomer-Gage bar on the front and rear rollers and rotating the grooming blades perpendicular to the bar.
  • The indicating rod is then pushed up until the indicating block touches the blades. The measurement can then be accurately read from the gauge.
  • To check for high spots the groomer should now be rotated by hand and the Groomer-Gage slid along the length of the groomer.
  • To avoid driveline overload the desired grooming depth should be set using a high spot.
Special feeler gauges

D. Special Feeler Gauges

Feeler gauges are used to accurately set the cutting cylinder to bedknife clearance on cylinder mowers. This adjustment is vital to ensure a good quality of cut. Also, if the two parts are set too close then they will make contact, leading to rapid wear of the bedknife and cutting cylinder and overloading the drive system. These special feeler gauges can help prevent injury to the operator. The feeler gauges are 30cm long, so hands and fingers can be kept away from cutting surfaces. The length also aids access for hard to reach places. Two thicknesses of feeler gauge are available – 0.001” and 0.002” – to help operators adjust John Deere cutting cylinders as recommended in the operator’s manual.

  • 0.001” (one thou) feeler gauge. Used for setting up cylinder to bed knife clearance on greens mowers and 22M type units.
  • 0.002” (two thou) feeler gauge. Used for setting up cylinder to bed knife clearance on John Deere ESP cylinders.

E. Grass Height Measurement

This kit contains two tools to help the professional greenkeeper accurately measure the height of grass. Details about the tools and how to use them are provided below.

Turf Check I

F. TurfChek

TurfChek Ι

TurfChek Ι incorporates a prism to observe the grass height on a flat surface such as a green. The true cutting height of different mowers (and different units on a triple) can be measured. Applications of nutrients, temperature changes and precipitation can be observed and grass height measured for rate of growth. It is mainly used to evaluate greens mower cutting performance to find the difference between the bench height and the actual cutting height. Due to its magnification the prism can also be used to check the quality of cut, for example if the mower is ripping the grass as opposed to cutting.

How It works

  • The tool is set on the selected cut grass. The length of the grass can then be read off from the metric scale.
  • Placing the TurfChek I on the overlap between two runs, or two units, allows you to ensure the height of cut is consistent.
  • Now rotate the TurfChek I through 90° and you can look for “washboarding” due to a low frequency of cut.
  • TurfChek I is most effective on greens, however it can be used on low cut collars, aprons and fairways.
TurfChek II

TurfChek II

TurfChek ΙΙ provides a quick and simple way to measure the length of cut and the consistency of cut for longer areas of grass.

How It Works

The tool has two extended points and four saw tooth sections on the active side. Force the two extended points in to the ground until the four saw tooth sections are touching the soil surface. The blunt end of the saw tooth design forms the base line of the measurement scale. They make contact with the lowest level of thatch. The scale is shown in both metric and imperial. This is a simple tool to use which can help you to maintain the height of cut on a day to day basis.