Precision Rotary Blades

Precision Rotary Mower Blade

John Deere rotary mower blades are true to original engineering specifications. For example, the centre holes of John Deere blades are sized exactly and are perfectly located. So you get perfect alignment every time with minimal vibration. All our blades are heat-treated and combine carbon with boron to provide the optimal balance between hardness and flexibility for long life without brittleness and safety problems. John Deere rigorously tests its blades. They are shaken over six million cycles to simulate abusive conditions. They also go through a stake test, where a 25 mm (1 in) steel rod is placed in front of a blade spinning at 320 km/h (200 mph). To pass the test the blade must bend, not fragment. In addition, John Deere has various field sites where equipment is put through real-world conditions in rigorous field tests.

Exact specifications. Quality materials. Rigorous testing.

When you add it all up, John Deere Rotary Mower Blades are almost unbeatable.