Don't Risk It


You will feel the difference


Did you know that we employ proprietary heat treatment to forge our genuine John Deere blades? The process produces blades of extraordinary sharpness that stay that way longer – for a perfect fit and a clean cut every time.


A clean cut

The edge of our blades are rolled to reduce the risk of burrs and sharp corners, which helps extend the blade life and produce a sharper cutting surface.

A long-lasting blade

This same edge-roll design allows even distribution of stress over the blade surface, producing a blade that retains its sharpness, which reduces the need for sharperning and saves you time and money.

A proprietary heat treatment that provides ideal carbon levels also helps extend the life of our blades. The right amount of carbon matters in producing a blade with excellent wear resistance and fatigue – too much means a weaker blade, too little and the blade wears out quickly, resulting in more blade replacements for you.

A perfect fit

Each and every mounting hole in John Deere blades is top stamped, allowing the blade to fit tightly against the spindle. This perfect fit reduces knocking, extends the life of other mower parts, and eliminates uncut strips of grass for a cleaner appearance.