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Did you know that genuine John Deere cutterhead knives feature high-quality large grain tungsten carbide coating with superior bonding? It’s why they are more wear resistant and last longer than the look-alike competition. It adds up to less maintenance and lower running costs.


Cutterhead Knives: Why ours last longer

The cutterhead plays a critical role in forage harvester performance. Which is why it’s so important to choose knives that fit, perform and last. John Deere Cutterhead Knives are made for that – manufactured specifically for your John Deere Forage Harvester.

  1. Sandblasted surface ensures precise clamping forces.
  2. Induction-hardened cutting zone stays sharp longer.
  3. Tough body minimises breakage risk.
  4. Extended knife body supports retraction on object impact.
  5. Trademark identifies the genuine John Deere Knife.
Extra strong: knife coatings

Extra strong: knife coatings

Genuine John Deere Knives stay sharper for longer. Tough tungsten carbide coating means high quality cutting, longer life and lower fuel consumption.

Extra stone protection

Extra stone protection

We use four rows of knives which retract when they come into contact with foreign objects. The design protects the rotor from damage and reduces downtime.

Dura Line Grass Knives (7000 Series SPFH)

Dura Line Grass Knives (7000 Series SPFH)

For longer wear life, install the Dura Line Grass Knife with 33% wider chopping edge coating on the 7000 Series SPFH. They’re standard on 8000 Series SPFH.