Wet System Maintenance

Parts and Service: Nozzles


We offer a wide selection of nozzles in different sizes and caps that match your individual needs and allow you to select the optimum nozzle for your specific job:

  • Polymer nozzles are a cost-effective option for long-lasting, high-precision spraying
  • Stainless steel nozzles are perfect for high mechanical loads
  • Ceramic nozzles are ideal when using highly corrosive chemicals and fertilisers
Parts and Service: Calibration Container

Calibration Container

This jug makes calibrating your sprayer simple. The calibration container features a 2 litre capacity and a scale in metric graduations. The container is molded in polypropylene for excellent chemical resistance and durability.

Parts and Service: Nozzle Tip Cleaning Brush

Nozzle Tip Cleaning Brush

This brush is ideal for keeping your spray nozzles clean. Its soft bristles gently clean the nozzle without damaging the orifice. A must for every storage locker.

Parts and Service: Filters


Our comprehensive range of filters provide essential protection for your entire wet system, avoids blocked nozzles and ensures an excellent spray distribution and crop penetration.

Parts and Service: Pressure Gauge

Pressure Gauge

This easy to read analogue, glycerine damped pressure gauge with its large 100mmm housing is conveniently located at the front of the sprayer. It offers a precise scale with a segmentation of 0.2 bar steps supported by four color zones as well as an under pressure indication for fast, easy and precise read-out. The average deviation from the target pressure is only 0.05% at 10 bar (ENTAM-Test.)

Parts and Service: Pump and Repair Kits

Pump and Repair Kits

Even though all our sprayers are equipped with self-priming, hydraulically assisted piston diagram pumps, which require very little maintenance, the membranes need to be replaced from time to time. We offer repair kits which contain all the parts you need to get your sprayer operating smoothly with high output pressure and flow.

Different membrane materials are available:

  • BUNA - nitrile butyl rubber offers very good mechanical flexibility with good resistance to oil and common spray chemicals. It is the most frequently used diaphragm material in Europe and recommended by John Deere.
  • DESMOPAN has very good resistance to aggressive chemicals with a lower flexibility than Buna.
  • HPDS - "High Performance Diaphragm System" - a special mix which offers the flexibility of BUNA with a better resistance to some of the more aggressive chemicals.