Combine Parts

Combine Parts

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Discover our Combines and Maintenance Guide, your key to top harvesting, performances for years to come.

Knife Guards

Replacing knife guards – when and why

Replacing knife guards when they are broken, bent, or when the gap exceeds 5.4 mm will save power, reduce downtime and cut down overall maintenance and parts expenses for the cutting platform – the drive belt and knife sections need to be replaced less frequently.

Cutting parts

Replacing cutting parts – when and why

Watch your platform cutting parts for signs of wear or damage and replace them to ensure that you are cutting the crop instead of ineffectively ripping it. You'll get better ground speed, save fuel, and increase the lifetime of your drive belt.

Auger fingers

Replacing auger fingers – when and why

Broken, bent or excessively worn auger fingers should be replaced to achieve better feeding characteristics and higher ground speed.


Replacing belts – when and why

When you see visible cracks appear on a belt or when it starts to make unusual noises, it’s time for a replacement. You’ll benefit from better power transmission, minimum slip, and less vibration. By the way, always store belts at a temperature between +15°C and +25°C in a dry place.

Rasp bars

Replacing rasp bars – when and why

When the profile on a rasp bar is below 6 mm in the maximum position, you really should replace it. Only a proper tooth profile ensures optimal threshing performance, especially when handling heavy threshing loads.


Replacing chains – when and why

Replacing chains in time is critical. Typical fatigue modes are broken inner plates, sheared pins because of broken inner plates or fatigue fractures. Also replace them when the elongation exceeds 3%, evidenced by abrasive wear of pin and bush. Use the wear gauge to test the chain.

Chopper Knives

Replacing chopper knives – when and why

Broken, damaged or worn out chopper knives can cause lower cutting quality and higher fuel and power consumption – you should replace chopper knives in time. New chopper knives increase chopping performance, minimize downtime risk and reduce overall cost of operation.