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Fuel Saving Maintenance Products

Proper maintenance will keep your baler working at peak efficiency and save you fuel.

You’ll find an automatic greasing system is a good investment as it takes away the need to go round and manually lubricate the chains and, because it minimises friction, it saves on fuel as well. Another fuel saver is sharp knives. A portable knife sharpener will soon pay for itself with cleaner cut bales using less power.

Automatic Chain Lubricating System

Automatic Chain Lubricating System

An automatic chain lubricating system reduces daily maintenance and extends the life of your roller chain by taking away the hassle and time of manually oiling your chains. Every time the PTO is engaged the system does it for you and unlike manual lubrication, this is done when they are warm so the oil penetrates the pin and brush joints more effectively, ensuring maximum wear life. Proper lubrication also cuts down on friction and increases fuel efficiency as baling requires less effort.

The system automatically lubricates the bale chamber and pick-up. It includes a four litre tank which can be removed for easy filling and a volumetric pump which is highly sensitive to the oil quality. The flow can be adjusted independently for each chain, reducing any potential waste.

Bio luber oil has been especially developed for drip lubrication. Due to local legislation, environmentally friendly oil can be mandatory for baler chain greasing.

Knife Sharpening System : Maintain Maximum Cutting Performance

Sharp knives are critical to the performance of your baler. Sharp knives reduce power requirements, maximise fuel efficiency and minimise stress on the machine. In fact, sharpened baler knives decrease the torque load on drivelines by up to 30% and reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%.

Our knife sharpening system is perfect for all your harvesting needs. It sharpens at a constant angle for a perfect result. Compared with an aggressive portable grinder, our system reduces heating to preserve steel structure. Consequently, knife lifespan is significantly improved.