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Operating - Cutting Units

Cutting Taller Grass (Front Rollers Are Optional)

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! When mowing tall grass in rough terrain, it is recommended to leave the front rollers on to protect the reels from striking any unseen objects.

NOTE: When mowing tall grass without the front rollers installed, the skid shoe kit should be installed and adjusted to maintain the height of cut desired.

When cutting grass taller than approximately 38 mm
(1-1/2 in.), the front roller tends to knock down grass, affecting the quality of cut. In these conditions, it may be necessary to operate with cutting units in fixed position without a roller.

NOTE: The fixed position is recommended for smooth areas only, such as athletic fields or level parks.

1. Remove scraper, if equipped.


2. Remove front roller (A).


3. Install 1/2 x 1 in. cap screw and nut, from bag of hardware supplied with machine, to fixed position (B) on both sides of all three cutting units.

Cutting Shorter Grass

When cutting grass under approximately 38 mm (1-1/2 in.) Place the cutting unit in the floating position.


1. Install front roller (A).

2. Install scraper, if equipped. (See instruction sheet provided for scraper kit).


3. Remove 1/2 x 1 in. cap screw and nut from fixed position (B).

NOTE: Cutting grass under 38mm (1-1/2-in.) in dry conditions a grooved roller may be desirable.

In wet/muddy conditions or in new growth area a smooth roller may be the choice.

Using Grass Deflector

The cutting units come with a grass deflector mounted on the rear of the cutting units.


NOTE: For ease of changing, the bent end of the rods
(A and B) should be located opposite the motor end of the cutting units.

To discharge grass from the front of the cutting unit:


• Positioned as shown, the deflector (C) will cause grass to be deflected toward the front of the cutting unit.

To discharge grass from the rear of the cutting unit:

1. Remove pull pin and rod (B).


2. Rotate bottom of deflector (C) up and install rod (B) as shown.

3. Secure rod with pull pin.

To obtain maximum rear discharge opening:


1. Remove both pull pins and rods (A and B).

2. Flip deflector (C) over and install rods as shown.

3. Secure rods with pull pins.

Engaging Reel Drive

1. Move mow-transport lever up to the mow position.

2. Move throttle all the way forward to fast idle position.

3. Slowly push forward travel pedal down to begin forward mowing.

4. Push raise-lower lever forward to lower cutting units and start reel rotation.

5. Pull raise-lower lever rearward to raise cutting units and stop reel rotation. Hold in this position until the rear cutting unit is fully raised.

6. Remove foot from forward travel pedal to stop forward travel.

Adjusting Reel Speed

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! Operating the reels at a high speed can cause excessive bed knife and reel wear. Operate the reels at the appropriate reel speeds.

1. Park machine safely. (See Park Safely in the SAFETY section.)

2. Open hood.


3. Locate flow control knob (A).

NOTE: Reel speed can be adjusted depending on the cutting conditions.

It may be appropriate to reduce reel speed when cutting taller grass to prevent grass from being blown over and not being cut. Faster reel speeds with dry grass may cause grass clippings to be thrown over the grasscatchers.

4. Adjust reel speed using flow control knob.

• Aligning higher numbers on the flow control knob with indicator (B) yields higher reel speeds.

• Aligning lower numbers with indicator yields lower reel speeds.

5. Close hood.

Emergency Stopping - Cutting Reels

NOTE: There are two methods of stopping reel rotation in case of an emergency.

Stopping Rotation

• Lock the park brake lever and cutting reel rotation will stop.

• Move the mow-transport lever to the transport position and cutting reel rotation will stop.

Starting Rotation

• If the park brake was locked, unlock park brake and then raise and lower cutting units.

• If the mow-transport lever was moved to the transport position, move the mow-transport lever to the mow position. Then raise and lower the cutting units.

Removing and Emptying Grasscatchers

1. Move the mow-transport lever to the transport position.

2. Lower cutting units to the ground.

3. Lock the park brake.

4. Turn key to the STOP position.

Front Cutting Units


• To empty, tilt front of grasscatchers up using handle (A) or remove from cutting unit completely and empty contents.

Center Cutting Unit

1. Turn steering wheel all the way to the left to provide clearance for removal.


2. Remove grasscatcher (B) from grasscatcher frame (C) by tilting back of grasscatcher up and lifting it off the grasscatcher frame. Slide it out from under the machine and empty contents.