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Service Lubrication


The following greases are preferred:

Chassis and Rollers

• John Deere Special Purpose HD Water Resistant Grease.

• John Deere Multi-Purpose HD Lithium Complex Grease.

Cutting Units

• John Deere Cotton Picker Spindle Grease.

• John Deere Golf and Turf Cutting Unit Grease.

• John Deere Cornhead Grease.

Other greases that can be used:

• SAE Multi-Purpose EP Grease with 3 to 5 percent molybdenum disulfide.

• SAE Multi-Purpose EP Grease.

Lubricating Machine


A - Grease rear wheel pivot (move seat forward).

B - Grease cam follower.

C - Grease lift arms in six (6) places.

D - Grease six (6) front and six (6) rear roller bearings.

E - Grease six (6) reel bearings.

F - Grease adjusters in six (6) places.


A - Grease neutral creep eccentric adjuster.

B - Grease mow speed limiting cam pivot.


A - Grease rear wheel steering arm in two (2) places.