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Service Lubrication


IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! Use recommended John Deere greases to avoid component failure and premature wear.

The recommended John Deere greases are effective within an average air temperature range of -29 to 135 degrees C (-20 to 275 degrees F).

If operating outside that temperature range, contact your Servicing dealer for a special-use grease.

The following greases are preferred:

• John Deere Multi-Purpose SD Polyurea Grease

• John Deere Multi-Purpose HD Lithium Complex Grease

If not using any of the preferred greases, be sure to use a general all-purpose grease with an NLGI grade No.2 rating.

Wet or high speed conditions may require use of a special-use grease. Contact your Servicing dealer for information.

Lubricating Front Caster Spindles

c CAUTION: Avoid injury! To avoid injury, Do not lubricate machine while the engine is running.

NOTE: Do not over-lubricate. Excess grease could fall from mower during operation.

Clean grease fitting before lubricating. Replace missing or broken grease fittings immediately.


• Lubricate two front caster spindle grease fittings (A).

Lubricating Deck Lift Arm Blocks

NOTE: Adjust the mower deck to a lower cutting height position when performing this service procedure.


• Lubricate four deck lift arm block grease fittings (A), two located on each side of the machine.

Lubricating Pump Idler Pivot


• Lubricate one pump idler pivot grease fitting (A).

Lubricating Mower Deck Spindles

NOTE: Removal of belt shields and foot plate is not necessary to lubricate the spindles.


Picture Note: Side-discharge deck shown.

• Lubricate one mower deck spindle grease fitting (A), located in the center of the deck.

• Lubricate two mower deck spindle grease fittings (B).

Lubricating Mower Deck Struts


• Lubricate two push arm grease fittings (A), one located on each side of the machine.