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Storing Safety

c CAUTION: Avoid injury! Fuel vapors are explosive and flammable. Engine exhaust fumes contain carbon monoxide and can cause serious illness or death:

• Run the engine only long enough to move the machine to or from storage.

• Do not store vehicle with fuel in the tank inside a building where fumes may reach an open flame or spark.

• Allow the engine to cool before storing the machine in any enclosure.

Preparing Machine for Storage

1. Replace all worn and damaged parts. Tighten loose hardware as needed.

2. Wash the machine. Clean inside engine compartment and under mower decks.

3. Run engine and mower decks for several minutes to dry belts, pulleys, and other moving parts.

4. Apply wax to metal surfaces.

5. Repair scratched metal surfaces to prevent rust.

6. Change engine oil and filter.

7. Lubricate grease points. Wipe off excess grease.

8. Replace fuel filter.

9. Replace air intake filter.

10. Change transmission oil.

11. Change engine coolant.

12. Drive machine to storage site. Raise mower decks completely. Engage the transport locks.

13. Park machine safely. (See Parking Safely in SAFETY section.)

14. Apply a light coat of oil to exposed cylinder rods, pivot and wear points to prevent rust.

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! Stale fuel can produce varnish and plug fuel injectors and affect engine performance. Add fuel stabilizer to fresh fuel before filling tank.

15. Fill fuel tank with fresh stabilized fuel to prevent condensation build-up. Drain fuel tank completely if storing machine indoors near potential flame or spark.

16. Remove and clean battery. Check the electrolyte level and fully charge the battery. Store in a cool dry place. Fully charge the battery periodically during storage to maintain its longevity.

17. Support machine at rear axle and front skid plate on blocks or stands to take weight off tires. Remove 1/3 air from tires.

18. Cover machine with waterproof cover if stored outside.

Removing Machine From Storage

1. Check tire pressure.

2. Check engine oil level.

3. Check battery electrolyte level, if your battery is not maintenance free. Charge battery if necessary.

4. Install battery.

5. On gas engines: Check spark plug gap. Install and tighten plugs to specified torque.

6. Lubricate all grease points.

7. Open fuel shut-off valve, if your machine is equipped.

8. Run the engine 5 minutes without the mower or any attachments running to allow oil to be distributed throughout engine.

9. Be sure all shields and guards or deflectors are in place.