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NOTE: The installed engines do comply with the European environmental engine emission directives 2002/88/EC and 97/68/EC based on the certificates received by the engine supplier.

Engine Model Number Honda, GX 120

Engine Type 4-cycle, 1-cylinder, 25? cylinder incline

Piston Displacement 118 cc (7.2 cu in.)

Direction of Rotation of Output Shaft Counterclockwise viewed from shaft side

Adjustment Specifications

Spark Plug Gap 0.7-0.8 mm (0.028-0.031 in.)

Ignition Coil Air Gap 0.4 (0.016

Intake Valve Clearance 0.15 (0.006

Exhaust Valve Clearance 0.20 (0.008


Engine Oil 0.6 L (0.63 qt)

Fuel Tank 2.5 L (0.66 gal)

Differential Drive Capacity 0.35 L (0.65 pt)

Travel Speeds

Traveling Device (Maximum Forward Speed)

Roller (Rear) 0-5.5 Km/h (0-3.4 mph)

Transport Wheels 0-9.2 km/h (0-5.5 mph)

Tire Dimensions

Transport Tires 4.1-6 (2 pr.) (Tubeless)

Pressure (Standard Pneumatic) 125-140 kPa (18-20 psi)


Height (With tires installed) 119cm (37 in.)

Length (With tires installed) 94mm (37 in.)

Width (With tires installed)

180B 84.5 mm (33.3 in.)

220B 94.6 mm (37.3 in.)

260B 104.8 mm (41.3 in.)

Weight (Less brush drive, transport wheels and with grass catcher)

180B 91 kg (201 lb)

220B 100 kg (220 lb)

260B 107 kg (236 lb)

Cutting Unit

Greens Tender Conditioner (Optional)

18 inch 60 mm (2-3/8 in.) diameter, 61 blades

22 inch 60 mm (2-3/8 in.) diameter, 75 blades

26 inch 60 mm (2-3/8 in.) diameter, 89 blades

Rotary Brush (Optional) Interlocked with reel, rotation in reverse direction 60 mm (2-3/8 in.) diameter

Material of Vertical Cutter Blades Special hardened carbon steel star shaped 0.6 mm (1/32 in.)

Adjustable Brush or Cutter Height 10mm (13/32 in.) below to 5.5 mm (7/32 in.) above cut

Gear Drive (Optional) Gear driven from reel shaft opposite direction of reel rotation, powers brush or cutter

Frequency of Clip

11 Blade 4.62 mm (0.182 in.)

9 Blade 5.64 mm (0.222 in.)

7 Blade 7.26 mm (0.286 in.)

Cutting Height (Minimum)

Standard Bed Knife 3.2 mm (1/8 in.)

Optional Tournament Bed Knife 2.8 mm (7/64 in.)

Optional Low-Cut Bed Knife 2.0 mm (5/64 in.)

Cutting Width

180B 457 mm (18 in.)

220B 559 mm (22 in.)

260B 660 mm (26 in.)

Traction Drum Dual aluminum traction


Transport Belt tension

Cutter Jaw-type clutch “on/off”

Brush/GTC Jaw-type clutch “on/off”


Diameter 127 mm (5 in.)

Number of Blades 11

Optional Number of Blades 220B (9 blades), 260B (7 blades)

Material Special hardened alloy


Park Brake Band type brake, lever action

Recommended Lubricants

Engine Oil John Deere Plus–4®

Gear Case Oil John Deere Hy-Gard®

Grease See Service Lubrication Section

(Specifications and design subject to change without notice.)

Fast Idle Engine Speed

180B Walk-Behind Greensmower 2950

220B Walk-Behind Greensmower 2950

260B Walk-Behind Greensmower 2950

Speed of Rotation of the Cutting Device

180B Walk-Behind Greensmower 1700 r/min

220B Walk-Behind Greensmower 1940 r/min

260B Walk-Behind Greensmower 1950 r/min

Sound Measurements

Averaged Sound Level at Work Station According to ISO11201:1995

180B Walk-Behind Greensmower 83 dB(A) at 2910 r/min engine speed

220B Walk-Behind Greensmower 84 dB(A) at 2890 r/min engine speed

260B Walk-Behind Greensmower 85 dB(A) at 2890 r/min engine speed

Vibration Measurements

Hand/Arm Measured Per EN836:1997-A2

180B Walk-Behind Greensmower 2.7 m/s2 at 3510 r/min engine speed

220B Walk-Behind Greensmower 6.1 m/s2 at 3580 r/min engine speed

260B Walk-Behind Greensmower 8.6 m/s2 at 3630 r/min engine speed

NOTE: The value listed above represents the maximum weighted root mean square acceleration.