John Deere



Issue I4

Professional Utility Mower

2653A Diesel PIN(080001-)


Export Version

Litho in U.S.A.


Thank You for Purchasing a John Deere Product
Using Your Operator’s Manual
Machine Use
Special Messages

Product Identification

Record Identification Numbers

Safety Labels

Pictorial Safety Signs
Avoid Injury from Tipping
Warning Hot Surface
Avoid Bodily Injury
Avoid Injury from Battery Gases and Acids
Tow Valve Label
Warning Rotating Blades
CE Certification, Specification and Sound Label
CE Specifications Label


Maintenance and Storage
Checking Mowing Area
Parking Safely
Avoid Injury From Contacting Blades
Protect Children
Avoid Tipping
Keep Riders Off
Checking Wheel Hardware
Wear Appropriate Clothing
Avoid High Pressure Fluids
Prevent Fires
Tire Safety
Handling Fuel Safely
Handling Waste Product and Chemicals

Operating - Machine

Daily Operating Checklist
Avoid Damage to Plastic and Painted Surfaces
Dash Platform Controls
Foot Controls
Miscellaneous Controls
Adjusting Standard Seat
Adjusting Deluxe Seat
Testing Safety Systems
Checking Ignition Interlock Switches
Using Fuel Shut-Off Valve
Using Park Brake
Using Mow Lift Lever
Using Hydrostatic Ground Drive
Using the PTO Switch
Using Throttle Lever
Using Glow Plug
Using Free-Wheeling Lever
Using The Weight Transfer Control
Using Ignition Interlock System
Starting The Engine
Checking Indicator Lights
Warming and Idling Engine
Stopping Engine
Using Hydrostatic Transmission
Emergency Stopping
Transporting Machine on Trailer

Operating - Cutting Units

Cutting Taller Grass (Front Rollers Are Optional)
Cutting Shorter Grass
Grass Deflector
Engaging Reel Drive

Replacement Parts

Service Literature
Part Numbers

Service Intervals

Servicing Your Machine
Break-in - After First 50 Hours
Daily - Utility Mower
Daily - Cutting Units
Every 50 Hours
Every 100 Hours
Every 200 Hours
Every 500 Hours
Every 1500 Hours or Two Years
Every 2000 Hours or Two Years
Every 3000 Hours or Three Years
As Needed

Service Lubrication

Grease All Locations Every 50 Hours

Service Engine

Avoid Fumes
Engine Oil - Diesel Model
Checking Engine Oil Level
Changing Engine Oil and Filter
Cleaning Plenum Air Intake Screens
Checking Air Restriction Indicator
Replacing Air Cleaner Element
Clean Rubber Dust Unloading Valve
Service Cooling System Safely
Recommended Engine Coolant
Checking Coolant Level
Draining Cooling System
Flushing Cooling System
Filling Cooling System
Checking Sediment Bowl
Cleaning Fuel Filter Sediment Bowl
Bleeding Fuel System

Service Transmission

Transmission and Hydraulic Oil
Checking Hydrostatic Drive Oil Level
Changing Hydrostatic Drive Oil
Replacing Hydrostatic Drive Oil Filter

Service - Cutting Units

Avoid Injury from Contacting Blades
Adjusting Cutting Units
Adjusting Height-of-Cut
Adjusting Reel-To-Bed Knife Clearance
Adjust Lift Arm Bumper Stops
Backlapping Cutting Units
Readjust Reel-To-Bed Knife Clearance
Grinding Bed Knife
Replacing Bed Knife

Service Electrical

Service the Battery Safely
Checking Battery Electrolyte Level
Cleaning Or Replacing Battery
Using Booster Battery
Replacing Fuses
Replacing Indicator Light Bulb

Service Miscellaneous

Using Proper Fuel (Diesel)
Filling Fuel Tank
Checking Tire Pressure
Tighten Wheel Bolts
Adjusting Park Brake
Cleaning Equipment Properly After Use
Cleaning Plastic Surfaces
Raising Hood


Using Troubleshooting Chart
Hydraulic Drive System
Hydrostatic Drive
Cutting Units


Storing Safety
Preparing Fuel and Engine For Storage
Removing Machine From Storage


Service the Battery Safely
Charge Battery
Install Steering Wheel
Install Tires
Install Seat (Standard or Deluxe)
Remove Machine From Crating
Install Front Roller and Lift Arm Assembly
Adjust Lift Arm Bumper Stops
Checking Tire Pressure


Engine Specifications
Fuel System
Electrical System
Fluid Capacities
Wheel Motor and Reel Drive
Travel Speeds
Cutting Units
Steering and Brakes
Recommended Lubricants
Sound Measurement
Vibration Measurements

Declaration of Conformity

Utility Mower 2653A

Service Statement

John Deere Parts
The Right Tools
Well-Trained Technicians
Prompt Service

Service Record

Record Service Dates