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Safety Labels

Pictorial Safety Signs

Safety-Alert Symbol

At several important places on this machine safety signs are affixed intended to signify potential danger. The hazard is identified by a pictorial in a warning triangle. An adjacent pictorial provides information how to avoid personal injury. These safety signs, their placement on the machine and a brief explanatory text are shown in this Safety section.

Read Operator’s Manual

M60645a, E32427a

This operator’s manual contains important information necessary for safe machine operation. Observe all safety rules to avoid accidents.

Avoid Injury From Battery Gases and Acids

M60643, E32427a

Batteries contain explosive gases and sulfuric acid. Use extreme caution when handling battery.

Drawbar Load

M60646, E32427a

DO NOT exceed recommended drawbar loads stated on label.

Caution Label

M77081, E32427a

• Read Operator’s Manual

• Know location and function of controls.

• Keep safety devices (guards, switches) in place and working.

• Never carry riders.

• Keep children and others away when operating machine.

• Stop engine before placing hands or feet near power driven parts.

• When leaving machine:

• Stop engine • Set park brake • Remove key.

Sound Labels


This label on your tractor indicates that this model has been certified and is in compliance with European Directive
89/392EEC Standards.