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Using Troubleshooting Chart

If you are experiencing a problem that is not listed in this chart, see your authorized dealer for service.

When you have checked all the possible causes listed and you are still experiencing the problem, see your authorized dealer.




Engine will not start

Shift pedal not in neutral position.

Fuse is blown.

Spark plug wire is loose or disconnected.

Spark plug not gapped correctly.

Stale fuel/improper fuel/low fuel level.

Plugged fuel filter.

Loose or corroded fuel filter.

Engine Misses Under Load

Faulty spark plug.

Stale or dirty fuel.

Plugged fuel filter.

Engine Vapor Locks

Fuel tank cap vent plugged.

Dirt in fuel filter.

Engine Is Hard To Start

Plugged Fuel Filter.

Carburetor is not adjusted properly or dirty.

Spark Plug is fouled.

Faulty spark plug or wire.

Spark plug is not gapped correctly.

Loose or corroded electrical connections.

Stale or improper fuel.

Choke adjusted incorrectly.

Engine Runs Unevenly

Cooling fins plugged.

Loose electrical connections

Choke or throttle cable sticking.

Fuel line or fuel filter plugged.

Stale or dirty fuel.

Improper fuel.

Air cleaner element plugged.

Engine Will Not Idle

Spark plug not gapped correctly.

Faulty spark plug.

Engine Overheats

Air filter is dirty or plugged.

Engine air intake screen plugged.

Cooling fins plugged.

Engine operated too long at slow engine speed.

Faulty spark plug.

Engine oil low.

Engine Loses Power

Engine overheating.

Too much oil in engine - drain oil to correct level.

Faulty spark plug.

Travel speed is too fast for conditions.

Improper fuel.

Air cleaner element plugged.

Engine overload - reduce load.

Engine Knocks

Low engine speed.

Stale or low octane fuel.

Engine overloaded.

Low engine oil level.

Engine Backfires

Faulty spark plug.




Machine vibrates too much

Attachment drive belts worn or damaged.

Dirt on drive sheaves.

Machine Will Not Move With Engine Running

Transmission oil level low.

Park brake locked.

Machine Moves With Engine Running And Foot Pedals In Neutral

Linkage out of adjustment.




Starter does not work or will not turn engine

Transmission control lever engaged.

Loose or corroded connections.

Battery worn out.

Battery electrolyte level.

Starter cranks slowly

Battery worn out, output is low.

Engine oil is too heavy.

Loose or corroded connections.

Battery will not take a charge

Dead cell in battery.

Low engine speed or excessive idling.

Sulfated or worn out battery.

Electrolyte level low.

Battery cables and terminals dirty.

Battery discharge indicator stays on with engine running

Low engine speed.

Defective battery.

Lights do not work

Fuse blown.

Loose bulb.

Low battery.