John Deere



Issue H5

John Deere Select Series™ Tractors

Ultimate™ Series

X700 PIN(010001-)


Export Version

Litho in U.S.A.


Thank You for Purchasing a John Deere Product
Using Your Operator’s Manual
Machine Use
Special Messages

Product Identification

Record Identification Numbers

Safety Labels

Pictorial Safety Signs
Safety Labels
CE Certification and Specification Label


Maintenance and Storage
Checking Mowing Area
Parking Safely
Rotating Blades are Dangerous
Protect Children
Avoid Tipping
Keep Riders Off
Stay Clear of Rotating Drivelines
Checking Wheel Hardware
Towing Loads Safely
Wear Appropriate Clothing
Practice Safe Maintenance
Avoid High Pressure Fluids
Prevent Fires
Tire Safety
Handling Fuel Safely
Handling Waste Product and Chemicals


Daily Operating Checklist
Avoid Damage to Plastic and Painted Surfaces
Operator Station Controls
Miscellaneous Controls
Adjusting Tilt Steering Wheel
Adjusting Seat
Using Mower Height Control Knob
Testing Safety Systems
Testing PTO/RIO Switch
Testing Seat Switch
Testing Park Brake Switch
Testing Reverse Implement Option (RIO)
Using Park Brake
Using Key Switch
Using Indicator Lights
Using Light Switch
Starting the Engine
Idling the Engine
Stopping the Engine
Emergency Stopping
Using Travel Pedals
Using Cruise Control
Using Reverse Implement Option (RIO)
Using Traction Assist
Using 12-Volt Outlet
Installing Attachments
Connecting Attachment Hydraulic Hoses
Using Hydraulic Control Levers
Using the Power-Take-Off (PTO) Safely
Using the PTO (Power-Take-Off)
Pushing Machine
Using Free-Wheeling Lever
Unplugging Mower, Bagger, or Material Collection System
Transporting Machine on Trailer
Ballasting Machine Safely
Ballasting Machine
Installing Rear Wheel Weights

Replacement Parts

Service Literature
Part Numbers

Service Intervals

Servicing Your Machine
After First 8 Hours
After First 50 Hours
Every 100 Hours or Annually (whichever comes first)
Every 200 Hours or Annually (whichever comes first)
Every 200 Hours
Every 300 Hours
Every 400 Hours or Every 2 Years (whichever comes first)

Service Lubrication

Lubricating Steering Cylinder Ball Joints
Lubricating Front Axle

Service Engine

Engine Warranty Maintenance Statement
Avoid Fumes
Engine Oil
Checking Engine Oil Level
Changing Engine Oil and Filter
Cleaning Air Intake Screens
Servicing Air Cleaner Element
Checking Spark Plug
Recommended Engine Coolant
Service Cooling System Safely
Servicing Cooling System
Cleaning Radiator Screen and Fins
Checking Radiator Hoses and Clamps
Adjusting Carburetor
Servicing Fan Belt
Replacing Fuel Filter (X700)
Adjusting Fuel Injection Pump

Service Transmission

Transmission Oil
Checking Transaxle Oil Level
Changing Transaxle Oil and Filter

Service Electrical

Service the Battery Safely
Checking Battery Electrolyte Level
Removing and Installing the Battery
Cleaning Battery and Terminals
Using Booster Battery
Replacing Headlight Bulb
Replacing Taillight Bulb
Replacing Fuses

Service Miscellaneous

Using Proper Fuel
Filling Fuel Tank
Checking Wheel Bolt Tightness
Cleaning Plastic Surfaces
Cleaning and Repairing Metal Surfaces
Raising and Lowering Hood
Removing and Installing Hood
Removing and Installing Side Panels


Using Troubleshooting Chart


Storing Safety
Preparing Machine for Storage
Preparing Fuel and Engine For Storage
Removing Machine From Storage




Engine (X700)
Fuel System
Electrical System
Drive Train
Travel Speeds
Steering and Brakes
Dimensions (X700)
Tire Pressures
Recommended Lubricants
Fast Idle Engine Speed
Sound Measurements
Vibration Measurements

Declaration of Conformity

X700 Ultimate Series Tractor

Service Statement

John Deere Parts
The Right Tools
Well-Trained Technicians
Prompt Service

Service Record

Record Service Dates