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Service Lubrication


IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! Use recommended John Deere greases to avoid component failure and premature wear.

The recommended John Deere greases are effective within an average air temperature range of -29 to 135 degrees C (-20 to 275 degrees F).

If operating outside that temperature range, contact your Servicing dealer for a special-use grease.

The following greases are preferred:

• John Deere Multi-Purpose SD Polyurea Grease

• John Deere Multi-Purpose HD Lithium Complex Grease

If not using any of the preferred greases, be sure to use a general all-purpose grease with an NLGI grade No.2 rating.

Wet or high speed conditions may require use of a special-use grease. Contact your Servicing dealer for information.

Lubricating Pivot Points


Picture Note: 54 in. mower shown.

• Lubricate three mower spindle grease fittings (A) with two pumps of grease at specified interval.

• Remove cap, and lubricate the deck idler pivot (B) with a general all-purpose spray lubricant.

Lubricating Front Axle


1. Lubricate grease fitting (A) on each spindle with one or two pumps of general all-purpose grease.

2. Turn wheels to distribute grease on spindles.

3. Lubricate front axle center pivot grease fitting (B) with one or two pumps of general all-purpose grease.

Lubricating Lift Pedal Assembly


Picture Note: Location of grease fitting under left side of fender deck.

1. Lubricate grease fitting (A) for lift pedal with enough grease to flush out dirt.

2. Remove excess grease.

Lubricating Steering Cylinder Ball Joints


1. Lubricate two grease fittings (A) on ends of steering cylinder (B) with one or two pumps of general all-purpose grease.

2. Turn steering wheel back and forth to distribute grease.