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If you would like a copy of the Parts Catalog or Technical Manual for this machine call:

U.S. & Canada: 1-800-522-7448.
All Other Regions: Your John Deere dealer.


We recommend John Deere quality parts and lubricants, available at your John Deere dealer.

Part numbers may change, use part numbers listed below when you order. If a number changes, your dealer will have the latest number.

When you order parts, your John Deere dealer needs the serial number or product identification number (PIN) for your machine or attachment. These are the numbers that you recorded in the Product Identification section of this manual.

Order Service Parts Online

Visit for your Internet connection to parts ordering and information.

Part Numbers




T105 (Standard)

T145 (Optional)



Headlight Bulb


10 amp (58 volt) Fuse

57M7121 (See your John Deere dealer.)

20 amp (80 volt) Fuse

57M9124 (See your John Deere dealer.)

(Part numbers are subject to change without notice. Part Numbers may be different outside the U.S.A.)