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Safety Labels

Pictorial Safety Signs

Safety-Alert Symbol

At several important places on this machine safety signs are affixed intended to signify potential danger. The hazard is identified by a pictorial in a warning triangle. An adjacent pictorial provides information how to avoid personal injury. These safety signs, their placement on the machine and a brief explanatory text are shown in this Safety section.

Riders Can Fall Off And Be Killed


• Maximum of one person to a seat

• No riders in box or anywhere else

Read Operator’s Manual


To avoid brake failure use brake fluid specified in the Operating Manual.

Clean filler cap before removing. use only DOT3 brake fluid from a sealed container.

Safe Machine Operation


This operator’s manual contains important information necessary for safe machine operation. Observe all safety rules to avoid accidents.



Before leaving vehicle:

• Stop engine

• Set park brake

• Remove key

Avoid Injury From Hot Surface


Picture Note: Stamped into the top of the vehicle muffler.

DO NOT touch the vehicle muffler; it may be hot.

Avoid Injury From Tipping


To avoid injury from crushing always wear seat belt. Do not jump from machine.

Do not drive where tractor could slip or tip. Do not drive on a slope with more than a 14? incline.

Avoid Injury From Crushing


Picture Note: Labels are located on each vehicle frame side rail.

Always use safety support when working on a raised bed or attachment.

Avoid Injury From Battery Gases and Acid


Explosive Gases

Cigarettes, flames or sparks could cause the batteries to explode. Always shield eyes and face from the batteries. Do not charge or use booster cables or adjust poor connections without proper instruction and training. Keep vent caps tight and level.

Causes Severe Burns

Contains sulfuric acid. Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing. In event of an accident, flush with water and call a physician immediately. Keep out of reach of children.

Drawbar Load


Do not exceed recommended drawbar loads stated on


• Horizontal 6672 N (1500 lb)

• Vertical 889 N (200 lb)

CE Certification and Specification Label

A - 2020 - 2WD

B - 2020 - 4WD

C - 2030 - 2WD

D - 2030 - 4WD

The label on your machine indicates that this model has been certified and is in compliance with European Directive 98/37/EC (89/392 EEC) Standards.