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Service Steering & Brakes

Tractor Without Cab

Adjusting Brake (Pedals)


1. Loosen jam nuts on brake linkage and adjust each turnbuckle (A) so there is about 22 - 30 mm (0.87 - 1.2 in.) of free play at the pedals (B).

2. Check to be sure free play is about the same for both pedals.

3. Tighten jam nuts to lock in place.

4. Adjust park brake linkage.

Adjusting Park Brake


1. With the brake (pedals) properly adjusted (but not actuated), adjust clevis (A) of the park brake linkage so there is 2 clicks of free play in the linkage.

2. The park brake lever (B) should begin to lock at 3 clicks of lever travel, and the brakes should be fully locked at 6 - 8 clicks.

Tractor With Cab

1. Lift both rear wheels several inches off the ground.

2. Place a visible white horizontal line on the wheels or hubs to observe wheel RPM during setup.

NOTE: If the two rear transmission brake bell crank springs (A) are attached to the ROPS, proceed to the next step. If not, install missing spring(s).



3. Rotate lever (B) clockwise to unlock brake pedal latch.

4. Push/pull on the pedal foot pad to make sure they are traveling at an equal distance, about 40 mm (1-37/64 in.) (C) from the starting point.

5. If both pedals are traveling an equal distance, then proceed to the next step. If not, adjustment is necessary:


Picture Note: Left rear shown.

• To adjust lift pedal linkage, loosen both jam nuts (D) away from the turnbuckle (E). Turn turnbuckle clockwise to increase pedal travel distance, and counterclockwise to decrease pedal travel distance.

• Adjust pedal linkage on opposite side, so both pedals travel the same distance of approximately 40 mm (1-37/64 in.) from the starting point.

6. Lock the pedals together.

7. Start the tractor, place the transmission in B-2 position, and set the engine throttle speed to 2000 RPM.

8. Press down on brake pedals.

9. Both wheel hubs should slow down at the same time (or similar) rate of speed. If not, adjust turnbuckles until they slow down at about the same rate of speed.

10. Tighten both jam nuts against the turnbuckles adjusted.

11. Lower tractor.