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Service Intervals

Servicing Your Machine

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! Operating in extreme conditions may require more frequent service intervals:

• Engine components may become dirty or plugged when operating in extreme heat, dust or other severe conditions.

• Engine oil may lose efficiency if vehicle is operated constantly at slow or low engine speeds or with frequent short trips.

Please use the following timetables to perform routine maintenance on your machine.

As Needed

• Replace alternator belt.

• Replace air filter elements (see air restriction indicator).

• Replace cab air filters.

• Replace light bulbs.

• Replace fuses.

• Clean and replace battery.

• Replace radiator hoses and clamps.

• Check tire air pressure.

• Clean fuel tank overfill reservoir.

• Drain water and sediment from fuel tank, and service water separator.

• Check and adjust front wheel toe-in.

• Check and clean grille and side screens.

• Check and clean radiator cooling screen.

• Clean debris from engine compartment.

• Adjust all cables to acquire appropriate travel for engagement (cabs).

After First 10 Hours

• Check wheel bolt torque.

• Check cab rollover protection system mounting hardware torque.

• Check windshield wiper arm mounting hardware torque.

Every 10 Hours or Daily

• Test safety systems.

• Check engine oil level.

• Check transmission oil level.

• Check air filter rubber dust unloading valve.

• Check radiator coolant level.

Every 50 Hours

• Check front axle oil level.

• Lubricate machine.

• Check cab protection system mounting hardware torque.

• Clean or replace cab air filters.

Every 200 Hours

• Change engine oil and filter.

• Inspect alternator belt.

• Check air restriction indicator light.

• Check wheel bolt torque.

Every 400 Hours

• Change transmission oil and filter.

• Replace fuel filter.

Every 600 Hours

• Check engine low idle speed.

• Check air filter intake hoses and clamps.

• Change front axle oil.

• Check front axle thrust bolt torque.

• Check brake adjustment.


• Change engine oil and filter if less than 200 hours of operation.

• Drain water from fuel tank and replace fuel filter.

• Check all hoses and clamps.

• Check battery electrolyte level.

Every 1200 Hours

• Check and clean inline hydraulic filter.

• Check engine valve clearance. See your John Deere dealer.

Every Two Years or 2000 Hours

• Flush and replace factory coolant. Flush cooling system and replace coolant with John Deere COOL-GARD engine coolant.

• Service fuel injection nozzles.