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Remove Handle Hardware


1. Loosen knob (A) on each side.

2. Remove knob (B) and bolt from each side.

3. Cables (C) should be inside handle.

Unfold Handles


1. Install bolt (A) through desired square hole in bracket (B) and through handle on each side. Bracket should be inside handle. Use same square hole on each side.

2. Install knob (C) on each bolt.


3. Pivot handle to the STRAIGHT position. Hold handle and tighten knob (D) on each side.

Add Engine Oil

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! Engine is shipped without oil. You MUST add oil before you run engine.


1. Remove dipstick.

2. Pour 0.6 L (20 oz) oil into dipstick tube.

3. Check oil level.

4. Install dipstick.


• Check oil level. Oil should be to the FULL mark (A). If not, add Oil.

5. Install and tighten dipstick.

6. Remove “NO OIL” tag from top of engine.

Install Grass Bag


1. Lift and hold door (A) up in a vertical position.

2. Grasp handle (B). Install bag.

3. Lower door to hold bag in place.

Test Mower

1. Put enough fuel in fuel tank to test mower operation.


2. Move throttle lever (A) to the CHOKE position.

3. Start engine and check mower operation. (See Operating section).

4. Stop engine.