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Service Intervals

Service Intervals

Please use the following timetables to perform routine maintenance on your machine. Service procedures included in this manual but not on this chart are to be performed on an as needed basis.

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! If you operate mower in extreme heat, dust or other severe conditions, service more often than shown below.

Before Each Use

• Check oil level.

After Each Use

• Clean the mower.

Break In - After First 5 Hours of Operation

• Change engine oil.

Every 25 Hours or Once a Year

• Tighten blade bolt.

• Clean or replace air cleaner paper element.

• Clean and gap spark plug.

• Change engine oil.

JS63 and JS63C

• Clean belt and transmission area.

• Lubricate drive shaft hub bushings.

Every 50 Hours (JS63 and JS63C)

• Adjust transmission cable.


• Grease caster wheel spindle.