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Unfold Handles

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! Prevent damage to mower control cables when installing handle assembly. Do not pinch or crimp control cables. Control cables must be inside of handle and unrestricted before tightening hardware.

1. Carefully remove mower from shipping carton.


2. Loosen knob (A) approximately 25 mm (1 in.) on each side of upper handle.

3. Remove knob (B) and carriage bolt from each side.


4. Carefully pull folded handle assembly rearward and align the handle hole with the desired height setting hole in bracket (C).

5. Install carriage bolt (D) from the inside through hole in bracket and through handle on each side of handle. Use same hole on each side.

NOTE: If handle height is not satisfactory, move handle to another hole and height position.

6. Install and tighten knob (B) on each bolt. Both handle knobs should be positioned on the outside of the handles.


7. Pivot upper portion of handle assembly to a straight and aligning position. Hold handle and tighten knob (A) on each side.

Install Starter Rope

To make installation of the starter rope onto the rope guide easier, hold the blade control lever against the handle while pulling the starter rope.


Pull and install starter rope (A) onto rope guide (B) mounted on the right side of the handle.

Add Engine Oil

IMPORTANT: Avoid damage! Engine is shipped without oil.

You must add oil before running the engine. See Service section for correct oil application.

1. Park mower on a level surface.


2. Turn oil dipstick (A) 1/4 turn to the left. Remove dipstick.

3. Add 0.5 L (16 oz) oil into dipstick tube.

4. Install dipstick. Turn dipstick 1/4 turn clockwise and tighten.

5. Remove dipstick.


6. Check oil level. Oil should be to the FULL mark (B). If not, add oil.

7. Install and tighten dipstick.

8. Remove “NO OIL” tag from top of engine.

Test Mower


1. Connect spark plug wire (A) to spark plug.

2. Put enough fuel in fuel tank to test mower operation.

3. Press primer bulb (B) three times to prime engine.


4. Hold blade control lever (C) against handle.

5. Start engine and check mower operation. (See Operating section.)