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Using Troubleshooting Chart

If you are experiencing a problem that is not listed in this chart, see your John Deere dealer for service.

When you have checked all the possible causes listed and you are still experiencing the problem, see your John Deere dealer.




Engine Will Not Start

Prime engine, (Cold - three times, Warm - 1 or 2 times)}

Fuel tank is empty.

Stale or dirty fuel.

Disconnected or dirty spark plug.

Engine Starts Hard Or Loses Power

Dirty fuel tank cap vents.

Stale or dirty fuel.

Dirty air cleaner element.

Disconnected or dirty spark plug.

Engine Runs Rough

Carburetor needs to be cleaned.

Disconnected or dirty spark plug.

Dirty air cleaner element.

Dirty cooling fins.

Engine Overheats

Dirty blower housing and cooling fins.

Improper oil level.

Engine Vibrates Too Much

Loose blade bolt.

Blade dull.

Blade improperly balanced.

Bent blade or crankshaft.

Mower Mows Unevenly

Pushing mower too fast.

Mowing too fast around corners and mowing pattern not changed.

Insufficient overlapping of cuts when mowing.

Blade dull or not balanced.

Mulched Grass Appearance Is Poor: Clumps, Excessive Clippings, Rough Cut.

Grass buildup under deck.

Travel speed too fast.

Blade dull or not balanced.

Cutting height set too low.

Tall grass conditions may dictate that more overlapping of cuts is required.

Bagging Chute Plugs

Grass not dry.

Cutting height not raised high enough.

Dirty or full grass bag.

Mowing too fast.

Mower Will Not Self-Propel or Loses Ground Speed

Traction belt broken.

Traction belt jumped off pulley.

Adjust transmission cable.

Traction cable stretched or broken.

Caster Wheels Do Not Lock (JS63C)

Caster wheel lock lever is in locked position.

Push mower forward on rough, uneven surface such as yard.

Clean pin in caster wheel housing.

Mower Turns Downhill When Cutting on Slope (JS63C)

Lock caster wheels.

Mower Does Not Move in Straight Line; Mower Follows Bumps and Ruts in Ground (JS63C)

Lock caster wheels.

Front Wheels Drag When Mower Pulled Backwards (JS63C)

Lock caster wheels.