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Safety Labels

Pictorial Safety Signs

Safety-Alert Symbol

At several important places on this machine safety signs are affixed intended to signify potential danger. The hazard is identified by a pictorial in a warning triangle. An adjacent pictorial provides information how to avoid personal injury. These safety signs, their placement on the machine and a brief explanatory text are shown in this Safety section.

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DMU211269 / DM2054

Avoid Injury From Tipping

DO NOT drive where tractor could slip or tip. DO NOT drive on a slope with more than a 14? incline.


MT6732 / DM2054

Avoid injury from rotating blades. Keep hands and feet away while machine is running.


M136436 / DM2054

• Do not operate mower without shields in place

• Stay clear of belts.


TCU13862 / DM2054

• Keep Rollover Protective Structure fully extended

• Do not jump if machine tips

• Use seat belt

When structure must be down

• DO NOT use seat belt

• Drive with extra care


M118041 / DM2402

To avoid injury from rotating blades and thrown objects stay clear of deck edge.


M139475 / DM2054


• Do not operate mower with shields removed

• Keep hands and feet away

• Stay clear of power driven parts

• Read operator’s manual


• Shut off engine and remove key

• Lower or secure mower in raised position with service link


TCU18996 / DM2402

• Keep clear of thrown or flying objects.

• Read operator’s manual


M138631 / DM2054

To avoid injury from rotating blades and thrown objects, stay clear of deck edge and keep others away.

Do not mow without discharge chute or entire grass catcher in place.


M119229 / DM2054

Flying objects: Keep safe distance from the machine as long as the engine is running.


DMU211480 / DM2404

This operator’s manual contains important information necessary for safe machine operation. Observe all safety rules to avoid accidents.

CE Certification, Specification and Sound Labels


This label on your machine indicates that this model has been certified and is in compliance with the applicable European Directives.