Next season is right now: Expert Check

Next season is right now:

Expert Check for tractors

Knowing what to look for makes the difference – our John Deere Experts have the experience, know-how and tools it takes.

Expert Check Tractors

Discover what will be inspected

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Our John Deere trained technicians will inspect the hitch components to check for wear.

Front axle

We will check the Panhard rod on the front axle suspension and make sure the accumulator is charged correctly.

Cab suspension

Cab suspension components are susceptible to wear and damage. We'll inspect and check the accumulator charge too.

Transmission and SCVs

Internal wear of the transmission and SCVs may make a recalibration necessary – we’ll check if it’s time for that.



Weäll assess the functionality of the brake szstem including the park brake.

Driver’s seat

Your seat suspension takes a beating so that you don’t have to – we’ll check whether it is still doing its job and protecting you properly.

Air condtioning

We’ll make sure that refrigeration agent levels are where they need to be in order to keep you cool.