Global insight, local expertise

Because they use field data from many seasons globally, our certified technicians know exactly where to look first, and which components require special attention. It's all about having the expertise to identify and address issues before they turn into a problem next season.


The advantage

Knowing what to look for makes the difference – our John Deere Experts have the experience, know-how and tools it takes.

One stop service:
Inspect & Connect

Help us to better maintain your operational readiness. When you schedule your Expert Check, ask us about Inspect and Connect programme: It’s about partnering with you to track and plan your tractor maintenance so that your machine is always in tip-top shape and ready for action.

Why should I connect?

Lots of good reasons, all of them about increasing uptime, lowering costs and working more efficiently - here’s how:


Transmit engine hours & location history

Monitor progress and history for documentation purposes

Operation Center on

Central location to connect to your machines, operators and fields

Machine performance data ( only with JD Connect)

Optimize diesel consumption and increase field and road performance

Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) via applicable GreenStar displays

Enables automatic data transfer over the air between GreenStar displays in the cab and

Proactive maintenance notifications (requires customer consent)

Significantly reduce unplanned downtime

Remote access by Service ADVISOR (SAR) to machine diagnostic systems via JDLink

Saves time on repairs and increases uptime

Remote Display Access (RDA) to assist operators with machine set-up, settings adjustments and operation

No need to wait for an expert to travel - get support quickly


All you need, one price

Once you know the results of the Expert Check, you decide what work you want us to perform to keep your machine in great shape. Best to use our All-in Packages which include parts and service at one all-inclusive rate.

Tractor seat package

Tractor seat package

Proper seating is critical to operate a tractor effectively and to avoid back pain during long working days. Replace your old seat with a new, air-suspended genuine John Deere seat – for a healthy and comfortable workplace.

Tractor LED package

Tractor LED package

LED work lights provide a better quality of illumination than traditional halogen worklights to help you stay relaxed while working in the dark. Our LED upgrade service includes the replacement of two old halogen lights with two new LED lights.

Tractor Hydraulic package

Tractor Hydraulic package

Consistent top hydraulic performance is essential to your productivity. We’ll make sure it’s available to you by replacing hydraulic and transmission oil and filters, cleaning the intake screen and checking hydraulic lines, system operation and pressure.

Ask your dealer for the all-inclusive prices for the above installations! All work is performed with special John Deere tools and the latest parts installation instructions from the factory.