Safety is a top priority

Product Safety

Make safety a top priority. We do.

Those linked to the land – farmers and ranchers, contractors and builders, loggers, homeowners, turf-care professionals – know that when they turn the key on their John Deere machine, they are taking on a lot of responsibility. Responsibility for their well-being, as well as all those around them. Working with the land is hard work and there are risks.

Managing risks is a team effort.

If you're operating or around equipment, you're part of that team. Operators must be fully aware of how to operate the machine safely. Know the operator's manual. Ask your John Deere dealer about training for operators, educational resources, and support for safety programs and events. Stay alert. Be familiar with the safety equipment and features, how to use it, and how it can help you. And you need to be aware of who and what's around you.

Of course, we're a big part of that team, too. We take product safety very seriously and it's a common thread through all products we design and build. In fact, John Deere actively takes the lead in developing equipment safety standards around the world. Examples include roll over protective structures (ROPS), lighting and marking for agricultural equipment, safety of agricultural auto-guidance systems, safety of complex electrical/electronic control systems, safety of chemical application equipment, and reverse implement operation on riding lawn equipment.

A commitment to product safety

Attention to detail. That's where product safety starts. At every factory, product safety committees and engineers are involved in product improvement and development. And, they conduct comprehensive safety reviews and testing of all products. Also, an enterprise product safety organization works closely with these factory safety committees, especially during product technology development. Projects are coordinated between factories. Processes are consistent and effective. The department also keeps units up-to-date on safety developments in the industry.

John Deere Simulators

Dealer and customer training

Even experienced operators require training. That's why we offer simulators for large agricultural, construction, and forestry machines. Recently, we added a grader simulator to a lineup that includes trainers for loaders, combines, excavators, forestry harvesters, and forwarders.

John Deere has also developed a wide variety of training resources – videos, brochures, and guides. There are comprehensive training programs for professional equipment operators. Safety DVDs are delivered with all new lawn and garden tractors. And for property owners, we've produced and aired numerous TV programs that helped promote safe practices.