PRESS RELEASE   November 13, 2023

John Deere improves receiver availability


John Deere has redesigned its current StarFireTM receiver technology and moved to a different board design with an adjusted set of micro-electronics. This improves its availability for farmers and avoids supply chain issues. 

As a result, the receiver has been re-named StarFireTM 7500. The change will have no effect on the technology’s functionality, reliability and signal performance, which is the same as for the StarFireTM 7000.

The new name helps to prevent any possible confusion – for example, when carrying out software updates. For customers already using the StarFireTM 7000, nothing will change. Both receivers have the same design, along with having the same pricing, signal offerings, and license structures. The StarFireTM 7000 receivers will continue to receive the usual support through quality updates and software fixes.