Press release   September 26, 2023

Improving efficiency in the field with a smart data workflow

Digital Partnership

It is often challenging to execute workplans precisely and in an easy way, especially when it comes to variable rate application maps.The integration between Proagrica’s Farmplan Gatekeeper software and John Deere Operations Center™ creates the ability for farmers to share and execute data much faster, maximise income streams, enable seamless recording, and allows access to insight for informed management decisions.

UK farmers benefit from the long-standing relationship between Proagrica and John Deere. Both partners have now improved the workflow through the integration of Proagrica’s Farmplan Gatekeeper software and the John Deere Operations Center™. This integration enables seamless data recording and gives farmers access to insights that can help them drive efficiency and make informed management decisions.

Smart data workflow is a key issue when it comes to the acceptance of precision Ag technology. Today it is often challenging to execute workplans precisely and in an easy way, especially when it comes to variable rate application maps. The integration enables a direct transfer of Farmplan Gatekeeper jobs into John Deere Operations Center™, from where they can be sent straight down wirelessly to the machine. This makes execution much faster, saves time and supports collecting precise data. Both Proagrica and John Deere are continuously developing better functionality in their tools for easy data management and sharing. This is something that will naturally evolve with the development of Gatekeeper Cloud, alongside further integrations creating the ability for farmers to share data and maximise income streams.

"Our partnership works so well because we have complementary strengths which benefit our farmers," say Joedy Ibbotson, Division Business Manager and Brian D’Arcy, Division Sales Manager at John Deere. "John Deere delivers the machines, the technology, and the connectivity, and Farmplan Gatekeeper delivers the compliance, analytical capabilities, and integrations with agronomists and advisors. The two combine seamlessly providing farmers with invaluable business insights and ensuring decision making can be made with confidence." For Proagrica, the relationship with John Deere in the UK may not be new, but it’s a shared vision for their joint customers that’s set to develop further. "The continuing improvements in food production efficiency and sustainability that will be needed in the years ahead rely upon accurate information to drive change," says Piers Costley, VP Operations at Proagrica Ag Solutions. "Our long-standing relationship with John Deere provides the joint thinking required by two leading organisations to ensure this happens in a way that delivers value to our farmer customers."