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Intelligent boom control (IBC) is the unique boom control system developed by John Deere. It’s an intelligent control system with sensors that detect the positioning of the harvester head and algorithms that adjust the boom’s trajectory in one continuous motion. IBC also functions as a platform for the eventual and easy introduction of new features that facilitate the customer’s work. “IBC brings significant advantages also in final fellings. Thanks to IBC, controlling the big and robust CH9 boom is just as easy and precise as in the smaller harvesters, and the boom can be operated at the same speed as the booms in the smaller harvester models. IBC facilitates the operator’s work and makes working more pleasant. There are fewer movements to make – and that helps with the operator’s working capacity. It’s a feature of the modern era,” says Marketing Manager Tommi Ekman.

Work is precise and smooth with intelligent boom control

In harvester work, the IBC’s operation has been designed to suit the machine’s work cycle. The boom’s trajectories and operation automatically adjust as the boom is taken to a tree and the load is in the harvester head. The operator doesn’t have to move the different sections of the boom individually. The boom is easy to use and precise at all boom reaches.

Thanks to the electronic end damping, the boom operates softly. The blow-like loads at maximum reaches are eliminated, making the operator’s work more pleasant and decreasing the stress on the boom’s structures and hydraulic cylinders.

IBC improves work ergonomics and guides the operator in the correct use of the boom, which is directly reflected in the increased productivity.

Intelligent Boom Control was introduced for John Deere forwarders in 2013. In 2017, John Deere introduced IBC first for the 1270G harvester and later the same year also for 1170G harvester. Now IBC will be available also for the 1470G harvester’s 11- and 10-meter CH9 booms used in final fellings. 

John Deere 1470G

John Deere IBC


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