Press Releases   November 29, 2019


Durability, power and measuring accuracy. The new L-size-class harvester head H415HD for demanding logging was designed on the basis of customer feedback. The H415HD harvester head is available for John Deere 1270G and 1470G harvesters.

John Deere harvester heads are known for their productivity, reliability and measuring accuracy. The H415HD extends the line of four roller series and offers tireless power to process large and crooked stems.

Excellently suited for processing large and crooked stems

The new H415HD harvester head has a reinforced tilt frame, metal protectors for the lower feed motor and feed motor hose guards as well as Expander pins for the feed motor arms, lower delimbing knives’ axles and for the upper pins of the tilt cylinders. These are also available as spare parts for used harvester heads.

Thanks to the harvester head’s new, 30 mm lower saw box and the new shape of the fixed lower delimbing knife that enable felling cuts closer to the ground, processing of curved and big stems is more efficient. Several reinforcements to the harvester head frame were made based on customer feedback.

The harvester head’s efficient four-roller feed, excellent processing power, firm grip, and efficient delimbing ensure high productivity. The efficient saw and the highly advanced saw automation reduce sawing mistakes and increase productivity.

Maximum cut diameter 750mm
Feed force 25 – 42 kN
Maximum feed speed 2.9 – 7.0 m/s
Weight with rotator and link 1,530 kg

John Deere harvester heads are high performance tools that meet the industry’s stringent quality requirements in all working conditions. Harvester head testing is part of John Deere’s product testing process. Each harvester head model has been field-tested for thousands of hours before the start of serial production. John Deere harvester heads are designed and manufactured in Finland.

The latest H415HD adds to the L-size-class harvester heads. The H415HD is unbeatable in serviceability, productivity and utilization rate.


Further information

Elina Suuriniemi
John Deere Forestry Oy
Tel. +358 400 466 476



Further information:

Elina Suuriniemi
John Deere Forestry Oy
Tel. +358 400 466 476