Press Releases   November 15, 2016

Intelligent boom control available for John Deere 1910G forwarder

John Deere’s IBC - the Intelligent Boom Control – has become a major milestone in forwarder technology and has been extremely well received by forest machine contractors. Now, this feature is also available for John Deere 1910G - the biggest forwarder in the company’s line-up – and its powerful CF8 boom.

Since its introduction in 2013, IBC has been available for the CF5, CF7 and CF7S booms used in the small and medium-size John Deere 1010E, 1110E, 1210E and 1510E forwarders. As an example of its popularity, more than 80% of the subject forwarder models delivered to the Nordic markets are equipped with IBC.

With the IBC function, the operator no longer needs to control each independent boom joint movement separately. Instead, the operator controls the boom tip directly and the IBC automatically controls the lift, slew and the extension of the boom, based on the location of the grapple. The boom is accurate and easy to operate. This increases significantly productivity of the boom, and eventually the number of loads per each work shift.

The IBC system also increases the lifetime of the boom through its electrical end-damping for all the main boom movement directions. The system dampens the cylinder end movements softly and stops strong blow-like loads in the end positions which makes driving smoother and also improves the durability of the boom. In addition, a pre-programmed mode for unloading, where the strong jib and main boom movements are used more, speeds up and makes the unloading easy and comfortable.

IBC 2.0 further improves precision at longer reaches

The recently launched IBC 2.0 improves the precision of the grapple, especially at long reaches. The version update is available for all previous forwarders equipped with IBC function.

Intelligent Boom Control is an innovation which not only makes the boom operation fast, easy and accurate, but most importantly increases the production and helps to attract and to retain the best operators. The boom control system is exclusively available for John Deere forwarders.

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