Supply Management & Logistics

Supply Management & Logistics

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What do you think? How many single components do we need to produce a tractor, a combine or a self-propelled sprayer? More than 6,000. To ensure material availability of those parts on our assembly lines, Supply Management and Logistics play a major role. You develop sourcing and logistics strategies, select appropriate suppliers and forwarders and work on innovative solutions for our products with suppliers and product engineers. You track our suppliers´ performance and work on the optimization of our sourcing processes and supply chains.

Supply Management and Logistics are also important after delivery of products to our final customers. You are responsible for buying service parts and define a world class distribution process to our dealers and customers. The Supply Management & Logistics area at John Deere offers a diversified field of action which supports our operating results.

Check out the different areas within supply management & logistics such as:

– Cost Management
– Order Fulfillment process
– Supplier Development
– Supply Chain Integration
– Logistics Sourcing & Analyst