Ztrak Zero-Turn Mowers

Ztrak Commercial Zero Turn Mowers Z345R Field

ZTrak Zero Turn Mowers From John Deere: Quicker All-Round

If your garden is your project, you need a machine that exactly fits your needs. With their outstanding agility and speeds of up to 14.5 km/h, the ZTrak zero turn mowers from John Deere help you get a great finish faster. Thanks to their manoeuvrability of 360°, they are perfectly suited to move in narrow spaces and around all kinds of obstacles.

Explore this page to learn everything about the different features and specifications of our zero turn mower models and find the right machine for your needs.

ztrak z315e

John Deere Z315E

If your garden area features obstacles and you are looking for a zero-turn mower with excellent overall speed and efficiency, the Z315M is the one for you. This entry-level model features a 12.1 kW V-twin cylinder OHV engine, intuitive twin levers for speed and direction changes instead of motion control levers, and a 107 cm (42in) mower deck.

ztrak Z320M

John Deere Z320M

You might call the Z320M the more comfortable sibling of the Z315. It also features the 12.7 kW V-twin cylinder OHV engine, intuitive twin levers for speed and direction changes instead of motion control levers, and a 107 cm (42in) mower deck. But it adds a premium high-back seat, optional armrests, and a practical hitch.

ztrak z320r

John Deere Z320R

For the ultimate zero-turn mower experience in the 300 Series, the Z320R delivers everything the 3Z20M gives you in terms of features, speed, efficiency, and comfort but kicks things up a notch with the addition of LED lights, floor mats, and covered tool storage.


John Deere Z515E

The zero turn mower models of the Z515E series are a perfect choice for larger areas. The powerful 13.4 kW twin-cylinder engine and the 122 cm (48in) mower deck provide excellent performance and efficiency.


John Deere Z530M

The Z530M is your zero turn mower with extra comfort. The ergonomic control levers and the comfortable premium high back seat combined with its robust frame are just a few of the features that ensure smooth and comfortable operation.


John Deere Z545R

Premium power and performance: this is what the Z545R zero turn mowers from John Deere are standing for. A 122 cm (48in) deck designed for handling large volumes of grass and a 15.3 kW twin-cylinder engine with electric fuel injection as well as electronic throttle control technology always ensure efficient mowing.

John Deere Zero Turn Mowers Features

The John Deere Zero Turn mower models convince with a variety of practical features. You can find all the details here.

Ztrak Commercial Zero Turn Mower Maneuverability

Outstanding Agility

When it comes to manoeuvrability, the ZTrak runs rings round other mowers. Combine that with exceptional mowing speed and it’s easy to see why so many professionals turn to ZTrak.

Ztrak Commercial Zero Turn Mowers intuitive motion control

Turn on the spot

The motion-control levers of our zero turn mowers enhance operator comfort and provide you with more precise control.

Ztrak Commercial Zero Turn Mowers with optional collection system

Collection capacity

You can easily convert your ZTrak zero turn mower into a collection machine by just adding an optional collection system.

Ztrak Commercial Zero Turn Mowers, Foot Deck Lift

Foot Deck Lift

To raise, lower or change the mower deck height while you’re working, simply press the foot bar.

Ztrak Commercial Zero Turn Mowers With Big Engine

Cut Height Selection

To adjust the height of cut from the comfort of your seat, simply turn the knob (Z300) or move the pin (Z500) between 25 – 104 mm (1 – 4 in) on Z500 Series or 32 - 114 mm (1.25 - 4.5 in) on Z300 Series

Ztrak Commercial Zero Turn Mowers Modern Dash Layout

3 levels of comfort

Our E-Models come with everything you need for a smooth, consistent cut. While the M-Series models add a higher seat and more comfort, the R-Series models offer the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

RLE Special Offer: X100, X300, X500

Built-in peace of mind

Your warranty covers unlimited hours for the first 2 years¹. When you have your ZTrak mower serviced annually by an authorised John Deere dealer, your coverage gets extended to 3 years or 120 hours, whichever comes first.

¹ For private residential use only. For commercial use of the Z300 Series mowers, the warranty is 12 months.

John Deere Zero Turn Mowers Product Range

You want to know exactly what the differences between the models of our ZTrak zero turn mowers are before you make a decision? Don’t worry, in this chart, you will find all the data you need.

ModelsEngine power**Cutting widthSpeedPrice*

12.1 kW (16.2 hp) at 3,000 rpm

107 cm (42")  Accel Deep™

Up to 11.3 km/h (7 mph) 

 £5.941 / 5.958 €

12.7 kW (17 hp) at 3,000 rpm

107 cm (42")  Accel Deep™

Up to 11.3 km/h (7 mph)

£6.438 / 6.456 €

12.7 kW (17 hp) at 3,000 rpm

107 cm (42")  Accel Deep™

Up to 11.3 km/h (7 mph)

£6.744 / 6.763 €

13.4 kW (18.0 hp) at 3,350 rpm

122 cm (48")  Accel Deep™

Up to 12.9 km/h (8 mph)

£8.123 / 9.252 €

16.1 kW (21.6 hp) at 3,350 rpm

122 cm (48")  Accel Deep™

Up to 12.9 km/h (8 mph)

£9.082 / 10.343 €

15.3 kW (20.5 hp) at 3,250 rpm

122 cm (48") High Capacity 

Up to 14.5 km/h (9 mph)

£10.518 / 11.979 €

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* Recommended Retail Price. Prices are inclusive of VAT. All prices are valid until the 31st of October 2023.

** CE-Nominal Power (tested in accordance to SAE J1349). The engine horsepower and torque information are provided by the engine manufacturer to be used for comparison purposes only. Actual operating horsepower and torque will be less. Refer to the engine manufacturer's web site for additional information.