X380Riding Lawn Equipment

  • Deck engagement: electric
  • Twin Touch™ foot pedals
  • Cruise control
  • Modern instrument cluster
£7,925*/ €9,026 *
The X380 lawn tractor

Precision productivity

The X380 drives like a dream and cuts like a champ. A convenient dial lets you adjust the cutting height in 6 mm steps, right from the comfort of your seat. You’ll love the clean, car-style display, ergonomically laid-out controls, and the easy-tooperate Twin Touch™ hydrostatic transmission control pedals that allow you to control the direction and speed of travel without having to lift your foot off the platform.

122cm (48") Accel Deep Mower Deck £7,925*/ €9,026*
137cm (54") Accel Deep Mower Deck  £8,118*/ €9,246*

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All prices are valid until the 31st of October 2022.