X354Riding Lawn Equipment

  • Deck engagement: electric
  • Twin Touch™ foot pedals
  • Cruise control
  • 4-wheel steering    
£4,927* / €5,611*

Agile precision

Not every lawn makes for straightforward mowing. If you have flower beds, trees, and bushes you have to navigate around, you’ll appreciate the superior maneuverability that the 4-wheel-steering of the X354 adds to your mowing experience. In addition to that, a modern, car-style display, ergonomically laid-out controls, and its Twin Touch™ transmission control pedals make the X354 a pleasure to drive.


107cm (42") Edge Mulch Deck  £5,776* / €6,578*
107cm (42") Accel Mower Deck  £5,663* /  €6,449*

*Recommended Retail Price. Prices are inclusive of VAT
All prices are valid until the 31st of October 2021