Tire pressure – more important than you think

It’s easy to forget about your mower’s tire pressure, but you shouldn’t. Read about why and learn how to check your mower’s tire pressure correctly. Your lawn will thank you for it.

It’s a good idea to check the tire pressure on a level surface so that the mower’s weight is evenly distributed. Also, don’t measure pressure right after the mover has been in operation for a while – your tires will warm up during operation, and the air inside them expands accordingly. Let the machine cool down first. Then make sure you have the same correct operating pressure on both sides of the riding lawn equipment for a uniform, level cut. Uneven tire pressure from side-to-side can create an uneven cut. Over-inflated tires may bounce the mower deck and cause both a rough ride and an inconsistent cut. Look up the correct recommended tire pressure for your mower in your operator’s manual.

It’s easy to forget about your mower’s tire pressure…