To bag or not to bag

Ok, everyone likes the look of a perfectly vacuumed, super-clean, lush lawn without leaves or twigs. But is that always the best thing for your grass?

Bagging systems are super convenient and very efficient. There’s something really satisfying about cutting your lawn and having the mess taken care of in one go. But cosmetics and convenience are just one part of the bagging equation.

That’s because grass clippings contain nutrients that your lawn can use. They’re pretty much free fertilizer. So if you’re going for the manicured look of a leaf-free, de-twigged, grass clipping-free lawn, you also shouldn’t forget to fertilize to replace the nutrients you’re removing by bagging the clippings.

On the other hand, if you have a lawn that has gone without mowing for an extended period of time, side-discharge mowing or mulch-mowing could lead to thatch, clumping, lawn disease and potential bare spots. Bagging, in this circumstance, is the way to go. The sooner, the better.

So maybe, as in all things, a healthy balance is the best way to go. Mow regularly and leave your clippings on the lawn after you’re done mowing at least some of the time. It’ll help your turf remain healthy and lush in the long run.