A snow buster for your X100

Your X100 can do more than just help you maintain a perfect lawn. With the right attachments, you can use it all year round – even in the middle of winter.

You’ve probably been there - the first look out of the window in the morning confirms what the previous night’s weather report predicted: a ton of snow on the ground. Now the race is on to make sure the roads, lanes and walkways on your property are passable and safe.

As a well-prepared X100 owner, you’re in luck now: you’ll quickly mount our durable +125 cm front blade, and you’re ready to power through and clear away heaps of snow with ease to make your property safely accessible again.

Using the front blade couldn’t be easier. One push of a lever from the comfort of your seat lowers the blade and a pull on the same lever raises it. If snow is an issue in your area, our front blade should be an X100 attachment you own.