Lawn and garden tips



Create a beautiful garden and maintain a magnificent, healthy lawn. We talk to the best experts in the business to bring you practical tips and tricks that will inspire and empower you.


What you can do to help the bees

Here you can get some tricks to help bees with your garden.


A natural weed suppressant

Learn about mulching.


A snow buster for your X100

With the right attachments, you can use it all year round – even in the middle of winter.


A tree for life: how to find and plant it

We have some tips on what to consider when you select and plant your tree.

Your garden: In full bloom all season long

With just a little research and planning, colourful flowers can be a constant presence from early spring through late fall.


Why, when, and how to change your air filter

An engine with a clean air filter runs cooler and will last longer.


Deck levelling made easy

Level mower decks are essential for that smooth even cut of a wellmanicured lawn.


Essential and easy – fuel filter changes

Change your fuel filter regularly. It’s not hard, and we’ll show you how to do it safely.


Properly adjust your gauge wheels

The gauge wheels on your mower deck are there to prevent scalping grass on uneven terrain so that you achieve that beautifully uniform cut you’re after.


Mower service in a box

John Deere home maintenance kit gives you everything you need to service your mower properly.


Tire pressure – more important than you think

Read about why and learn how to check your mower’s tire pressure correctly. Your lawn will thank you for it.


The Golden Rule of Mowing

If there were just one rule to follow for mowing your grass, it would be this.

it's spring

It’s spring: time to go on thatch patrol

Here’s why you don’t want thatch and how to get rid of it.


To bag or not to bag

Is a perfectly vacuumed, super-clean, lush lawn without leaves or twigs the best thing for your grass?

time to water

What’s the best time to water?

When you water at the right time, it has a profound impact on the health of your lawn.

Our top 5 mowing tips for healthy lawns

Mowing right can boost the overall health and durability of your lawn.

about mulching

The 8 Things You Need to Know About Mulching

All you need to know about mulching.

One switch

One switch: Side-discharge or bag mode

John Deere MulchControl System