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Earth, air, water, fire ... you’ll find all of these at the American John Deere factory in Grovetown, Georgia. But it’s the fifth element that really makes the difference: the engineers and craftsmen who design and assemble our Compact Utility Tractors there for the entire world.

Factory Augusta, Compact Utility Tractors

Using state-of-the-art technology, they fashion iron and steel, rubber and glass into machines of the highest possible standards. John Deere has a passion for quality engineering, and it shows. In every nut, bolt, and weld of our Compact Utility Tractors. And on the faces of the people who are proud to build them.

Factory Augusta, Compact Utility Tractors, Manufacturing, People


We never compromise. That’s why every premium tractor that leaves Augusta for the Old World is European from the ground up. From metric nuts and bolts to emission standards and safety warnings, each machine is all set up and ready to go.


We never assume something will be all right – we make darn sure it is.



Factories Augusta, Compact Utility Tractors, Interiors
Factories Augusta, Compact Utility Tractors, Employees


Factories Augusta, Compact Utility


The people here really want to do a good job. They take feedback well, and they keep us really busy with suggestions for making things better still.



Factory Augusta, Compact Utility Tractors, Manufacturing, People


In Augusta, we factory-fit every tractor with the right technology for the region it’s destined for. So when you buy a Series 1, 2, 3 or 4 model in Europe, you can be sure it has everything you need to operate smoothly and safely from the very start. From mirrors and lights to emission standards and safety warnings, our people in Augusta pull out all the stops to make sure you enjoy the best of both worlds: USA build quality, plus European specifications.


People in Europe work our machines much longer and harder than our customers in the USA. So if we can satisfy Europe, we can satisfy anybody!




David King, 24, Is A Manufacturing Engineer

who plans and oversees the production lines for 3 and 4 Series premium compact tractors. Every day, he looks for ways to add even more quality through the tools, processes and quality control checks he specifies. “I’m proud that we can build such great products in the USA, despite the higher labour costs that involves.”

Steve Sanner, 61, Is A Field Test Supervisor

who has been with the company for 19 years. Three years before a new tractor is launched, Steve starts testing prototypes to catch any flaws or weaknesses well ahead of production. “My colleagues get paid to make them, I get paid to break them”, he smiles. “Then when I do, we all dig in together to solve the issue and get it right.”

Factories Augusta, Compact Utility Tractors