Nordic Nirvana

Inviting, challenging, but always natural

With its long winters and rugged topography, Sweden may not be an obvious choice of golfing destination. However, those who have discovered its wild landscapes and challenging courses return again and again to experience ‘the beautiful game’, Scandinavian style.

Swedish perfection

Swedish perfection

For those used to the sunshine of southern Europe, Sweden’s reputation as a top destination may come as a surprise, but the gently rolling hills and open fields actually make the land perfect for creating golf courses. And nestled in the Åhus area of Skåne County is Kristianstads Golfklubb & Destination, which has made a name for itself, thanks to a recent course redesign that is winning many plaudits…

Nature immersion

According to Course Manager Bevan Tattersall, the secret of its success is how well it has blended with the natural surroundings and become a part of the attractive scenery. There’s no ‘blot’ on the landscape, as the two immaculate courses offer players a challenging and stimulating sporting experience set amid calm natural meadows teeming with insects and wildlife.

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    Course Manager, Kristianstads Golfklubb & Destination

    “The two courses are special and the feedback is fantastic. The fairways, tees and greens are manicured and precise, but surrounded by contrasting natural meadows, flowers, and grasses.”


Labour of love

Bevan’s deep appreciation for his surroundings also extends to his responsibilities as Course Manager – a role he knows he is lucky to perform, given this picturesque location and its classic Swedish ‘unmanufactured’ style of course design. He believes you’ve got to love the course you work at, otherwise you’re never going to do a great job looking after it.

“This is a place that’s easy to fall in love with – a very organic and beautiful old golf course, but an easy course to make really nice.”


25 years and counting…

Bevan trusts his team and equipment to maintain a world-class course that will bring out the best in any expert’s game, and inspire the rest of us on that never-ending learning curve. Experience counts – not just in the successful execution of the game, but also in the preparation of the ground. To this end, Bevan has put his faith in John Deere since 1995 and has recently signed a five-year exclusivity deal with the brand.

“John Deere works for us – it’s as simple as that. If we want to be up there with the best golf courses in the world, we need to use the best equipment, service and support. So for us it makes sense.”

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7500a Nordic nirvana

The complete package

Maintaining the two courses to the highest possible standard requires a significant fleet and the staff to operate it all. Bevan believes that by using the best equipment and aftersales support, his team can perform their roles to an even higher standard, knowing that their machinery won’t let them down – no matter how long they operate it for.

“Our staff love John Deere and that came into the picture when ordering. However, it’s not just about price and support – it’s about these guys who sit on the machines for eight to ten hours every day, so they have to feel comfortable and know that their equipment is reliable and safe.”

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