• Satellite guided automatic steering
  • Touchscreen display
  • Individual nozzle control
  • Mapping and Documentation

Streamlined Spraying

Spray more efficiently with satellite guidance technology, and increase productivity and accuracy while reducing labour and material costs.


Proven Technology

Farmers all over the world use our proven Starfire6000 GPS Receiver and mobile RTK  (real-time kinematic). Mobile RTK provides accuracy levels of 2.5cm to ensure the reliability of boundary maps and allow to create spray coverage maps.

Thanks to sophisticated RTK signal correction, the exterior, interior and no-spray zones you map won’t shift while you work!


Accurate mapping helps you set spray zones and rates precisely. That’s good for your budget – and good for the environment.

Precise Volumes

The simplified plumbing architecture, flow meter and rpm adjuster pump enable precise spray volumes.

Fingertip Control

With a generous touch screen, convenient section control switches and automated documentation, efficiency has never been so easy.

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