2750 PrecisionCutRiding Triplex Mowers

  • Powerful Diesel Engine: 14.6 kW (19.6  hp) at 3,000 rpm
  • 62 in (157.5 cm) cutting width
  • Bedknife-to-reel adjustment
  • 2-pedal, electronic transmission 

The Next Generation of Triplex Mowers

From the TechControl display to contour following and ease of maintenance, the lightweight 2750 PrecisionCut excels in every discipline. With TechControl, consitency independent of the operator is without fail. Just input the settings the superintendent prefers – then watch everyone replicate same performance! 


2750 PrecisionCut, Riding Triplex Mowers, Field, Detail Grass Boxes

Easy Access

All grass boxes offer adjustable handle orientation and easy access. The asymetric design improves collection performance. The hook up system is designed for easy removal but at the same time keeping the box in position while transport. Available in black, or yellow for improved visibility.

2750 PrecisionCut, Riding Triplex Mowers, Detail TechControl

Work Smarter

Save up to 30% on fuel* and cut sound levels significantly by selecting ’Eco’ mode in TechControl. ’Eco’ mode calibrates power precisely to the job in hand (2750 models only).

*compared to ’max RPM’ mode

2750 PrecisionCut, Riding Triplex Mowers, Field, Detail Contour Following

Superb Contour Following

With 18 degrees of steering and 37 degrees of contour following, 2750 PrecisionCut and E-Cut Hybrid Triplex Mowers ensure an even cut even on undulating terrain.

2750 PrecisionCut, Riding Triplex Mowers, Field, Back View

Lighter On Greens

The unbeatably lightweight 2750 is specially designed to keep compaction to a minimum on your precious greens.

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