Smooth Boom Control makes the boom easy to control

Power is important. Control is essential.

The Smooth Boom Control software in John Deere forest machines improves boom movements, making the machine operating more effective, accurate and comfortable.

SBC gives a better feel of the boom

This innovative software filters sudden movements from the levers, creating more accurate boom handling, and enabling operating at a faster speed. Controlling of the boom with the new system feels much smoother and more precise in the operator’s hand.

The speed of the boom can be increased at least 10–15 per cent without compromising machine handling. SBC system brings precision and smoothness to work as the motions are linear and more finely integrated.

Additionally, there is much less vibration and jerking that is transferred to the cab. A boom with SBC doesn’t jerk – not even when working at the machine’s maximum reach range. Exact boom movements decrease the margin for errors.

SBC is a standard feature in all new John Deere forest machines with the TimberMatic F-12/H-12 or newer version, and is also available to previous E-Series machines with a special field kit option.