Peace of mind with EXTENSIVE WARRANTIES for your forest machine

Harvester in the forest

One of the guiding principles behind forest machine product development at John Deere Forestry has always been high quality. One of the ways it is reflected is in the excellent uptime of the machines. However, demanding forest conditions can sometimes challenge even the most reliable machine. And machines can face various unexpected technical issues.

John Deere Forestry offers the most comprehensive warranty options on the market: standard warranties and extended warranties.

Standard Warranties

All new machines always come with a standard warranty and a structural warranty issued by the factory. The standard warranty is valid for the first year or 2000 hours. The standard warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for all parts of the base machine, excluding consumables and wear items.

At John Deere, we believe and trust in the quality of our machines; this is why we are able to grant the best structural warranty on the market as a certificate of quality. The structural warranty has been an integral part of our machines already for two decades – the longest on the market! The warranty covers the entire structure of the base machine: the front and rear frames, the middle joint casting, the cabin swing frame, the crane king post with base and the main boom. The structural warranty is valid for the first 36 months or 10,000 hours of machine operation. The structural warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship on the components listed above.

The standard and structural warranties are always included with your new machine purchase. The warranties are valid if the factory-specified maintenance program has been followed and the maintenances have been documented. If the machine has a service contract, these requirements are met automatically!

Extended Warranty Coverage

Once your machine is equipped with a service contract, you have the option to obtain an extended warranty for your machine. With an extended warranty, you can continue to have complete peace of mind after the standard warranties have expired. There are three different options for extended warranties. They can be purchased for the machine individually or the base machine warranty combined with a harvester head warranty.

The Comprehensive Coverage for the entire base machine extends the standard warranty for the base machine, even until the end of the entire service contract period. The Comprehensive Coverage covers the machine components, excluding the consumables and the wear parts.

The second extended warranty option covers the powertrain and hydraulic systems. Powertrain and hydraulics are two of the most essential entities in the operation of a forest machine, both covered by the warranty. The powertrain extended warranty coverage covers the engine, clutch, gearbox, cardans, bogies, axles, and wheel ends. And the hydraulics extended warranty coverage covers pumps, drive motor, hydraulic tank, cooler and cylinders.

The third extended warranty option is the Harvester Head Coverage. This warranty covers the harvester head’s main frame, tilt frame, controls, hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinders, feed motors, feed roller arms, saw unit (excluding saw motors) and length measurement equipment (excluding sensors).

Keep in mind that all of John Deere's original spare parts are warranted for up to one year, without an hour limit when a John Deere qualified technician performs the installation; for parts installed by anyone else, the warranty is 6 months without any hour limits. This service part warranty is always included on original John Deere parts. The warranties do not apply on consumable parts.

The John Deere wheeled cut-to-length forest machines are high quality, economical and productive. With a TimberCare service agreement, extended warranties and original spare parts and oils, you can have complete peace of mind and can focus on the essential. If anything happens, we will take care of it without any unexpected costs and long downtime! 

• Comprehensive Coverage
• Powertrain and Hydraulics Coverage (included in Comprehensive Coverage)
• Harvester Head Coverage

All these are issued by the factory.

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Text: Antti Ketvell